Friday, October 4, 2013

RV Dreams rally - Day 2

Great Outdoors RV Resort
Franklin, NC

This morning started out with the fog rolling over the Smoky Mountains.

George decided to go over to listen to the first seminar,
and I opted out to relax a bit this morning,
and get caught up on the computer.

I did go over and listen to the seminar titled
'What does it cost to Full-time', as a refresher.

We came back home and grabbed a bite to eat,
then took a walk around the resort again.
Butch, from RVs 4 Less had a new Landmark & DRV 5th wheels to walk through.

George and I went to the next seminar called 'Working on the Road' to refresh ourselves.
We came back and rested up a bit.
We're not going to all the seminars, a lot of them don't apply to us anymore.

Dinner tonight was great!
There was salad, lasagna, and garlic bread.
Cheesecake for dessert!

We had nice tablemates,
one couple 'almost' full-time,
and one couple still in the research phase.

Howard & Linda had door prizes tonight.
George won a $50 gift certificate from RVs for Less.
He's very excited, as they have bottles of Unique,
which is RV holding tank treatment.

Entertainment for tonight was RV show & tell.
It can be comical at times.

Tomorrow are some more seminars, 
and potluck night.


  1. Wish I could have seen the show and tell. I really like that. Did you see any great things we all can't live without??

  2. I remember Paul Dahl and his interchangeable toilet paper hanger :) Too funny! Yes, RV Show and Tell can be pretty funny :)

  3. It sounds like you're having fun at the rally. You're only about 60 miles from us. Let us know if you get a free afternoon to get together.

  4. So going to the seminars for refreshers, have you found yourselves to be failing or getting a A+ with your fulltiming?

    1. Some of the seminars are not applicable, such as, emotional decisions, what RV to buy, etc. We just finished the tire and weight safety seminar, and that has made the most sense now that we have an RV. I paid a lot of attention to that one! We are getting Harvey & truck weighed on Wednesday :-)

  5. Show and tell is one of our favorite parts. Congrats to George on his winnings!