Thursday, October 3, 2013

RV Dreams Rally - Day 1

Great Outdoors RV Resort
Franklin, NC

We couldn't have asked for a better week of weather!
Yesterday we even spent some time in the pool..

Today we spent the day relaxing a bit, and taking walks around the campground.

 It was time for day one of the the RV Dreams rally.

George and I went over to the clubhouse and helped with pre-rally preparations.

Then it was time to check people in..

We're meeting a lot of great people!

The rally began as always, with a song by Rascal Flatts called 'Me and My Gang',
sung by Linda along with the CD.

We had a great dinner of BBQ beans, pulled pork, cole slaw, and chicken.
They ended it with banana pudding.

Howard & Linda always have a great icebreaker game..
this time it we broke up into groups,
then made paper airplanes..

They chose me as a captain of the table,
and our group was named "Estro Genies" :-)

We then chose the best plane from each table,
and flew against the other tables.
The best 3 planes had a 'fly off'..

It was fun, and a lot of laughs!

Tomorrow starts the seminars.
We probably won't go to all of them, 
but we hope to help others that are making the decisions we did!


  1. You will leave with even more great friends...and some airplane tips :)

  2. Paper airplanes? Who'd a thunk?

    We thought maybe we should attend an RV Dreams rally again in the future just to make sure we're doing this full time RV life correctly... ;c)

  3. Sounds like you will have a great time!

  4. Those two think up the cleverest things. I'm so glad you are posting about your time there. I'd sure love to be with you all. But thanks to you I can at least see it all second hand.

  5. What fun! We're so close yet so far away, five hours east. What a great time. We'll get to another one of the rallies. Have fun!

  6. It appears they put on a super rally especially for those thinking about fulltiming or just starting out. A great benefit for sure.

  7. Nice to know the RV-Dreams Family is growing;o)) Thanks for posting and have a great time!!!

  8. Looks like fun, have a great time!!

  9. Missing being part of the fun. :-(

  10. It's been hot here in SC the last few days -- that pool sure looks refreshing!