Friday, October 25, 2013

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

Heritage RV Park
Augusta, GA

We've had a wonderful time in Augusta so far.

Yesterday George dropped me off to get a pedicure,
while he drove to pick up some things at Home Depot.
Seems we have a frayed cable in our bedroom slide :-(

He's decided to tackle the task himself,
but rounding up the cable repair kit has become the problem.
No one carries it in stock, and we're leaving here Monday,
so he may have to wait until we get to Myrtle Beach to repair.

Today, however, we did some exploring!

We drove a few miles to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area.
The canal was built in 1845 as a source of power and transportation.
In later years it helped power fabric mills, and during the Civil War, a powderworks.

We took the 1 hour boat tour of the canal, which was interesting.

 There was a great guide, who explained the history of the canal,
and the buildings along the water.

The fall colors are starting to pop a bit..

The critters were out sunning themselves as well..

When we got back from the tour of the canal, 
we walked around the Discovery Center.
There were some great exhibits about early life on the canal.

Our next stop was to drive down to the headgates at Savannah Rapids Park.
The water from the Savannah river flows into the Augusta Canal.

 They have a great visitor center..

and gorgeous views of the canal and river..

This is a lovely area!


  1. We loved the Savanahanah Rapids Park!! Great place to spend a pretty day:o)

  2. Looks like a beautiful place and a lovely day you had. I sure sympathize with the difficulty of getting kits and parts to fix things on the road. Hope the cable doesn't break before you can get the kit. That's one of the things that has delayed us here, waiting for some things we had to order to come in. or come in the mail.

  3. Good luck with that cable repair. I'm with you and would try to do the repair myself. I think it should be a pretty straight forward fix. Fingers crossed that Murphy stays away!

  4. Hope that works out the best outcome for that repair for George! At least it's not plumbing! :-) Lovely area...

  5. We haven't been down there yet. Guess we'll have to put that on our list of things to do! Good luck with the repair.

  6. Good luck with the repair. It looks like a very nice area.