Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Among friends again!

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

We had a fairly easy drive yesterday morning,
and we caravanned to the Myrtle Beach area
behind Paul & Marti, with Mike, then Terri behind us.

We all got to Huntington Beach State Park around 4 pm,
and soon got settled in to our spot..#98..

It wasn't long until a crowd gathered!

We have a total of 10 couples here,
and all but one have attended an RV-Dreams rally.
Some of them had arrived on Sunday,
so we had a welcoming committee!

Last night, after everyone ate dinner in their own homes,
Paul & Mike took off to pick up a half cord of wood
for all the campfires we will have.

We gathered around the fire, which Howard got started for us..

All of us sat around the fire until late in the night!
We made some plans for some fun for the next week!

Should be a great week!


  1. Sure wish I didn't have to live this fun vicariously but I know you guys will do a great job of showing me exactly what I'm missing.

  2. You got our picture in the wrong place, it should be last, not first. ;c)

  3. It was fun caravanning together. Paul and Marti did a great job leading and we did a great job following.