Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A short move

Heritage RV Park
Augusta, GA

This morning we took our time getting ready to go.
We only had a whopping 18 mile drive to our next destination!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 week stay at the COE..
and probably could have extended our time.
Harvey was crossing his legs, however..
2 weeks with no sewer hookup took us to our max!
We were quite surprised how well we did conserving water.

Now we are at Heritage RV Park in Augusta.

It's a no-frills park, and half of it is filled with permanents and a few mobile homes.
They have segregated the daily/weekly sites, so it is quite pleasant,
with lots of grass and room between sites.
We are in a corner site, so our door side looks upon a small grassy yard.
Can't beat FHU at $25/night!

Once we were settled, we took a ride over to a Steak & Shake.
Neither one of us had been to one was great!
 I especially enjoyed the Salted Caramel shake..yum!

We are staying here in Augusta until Monday, and we have a few things to take care of.
Pedicure time for me, washing the truck for George.
We also want to explore Augusta a bit.

Looking forward to it!


  1. OH! A salted caramel shake sounds heavenly :)

  2. I would like an eighteen mile move! Hope you have a nice stay there.

  3. Enjoy your full hookups, love the travel distance.

  4. We are learning how to conserve here at camp driveway, but two weeks would be impossible.

  5. That short day's drive makes up for some of those PDD days you experienced. ;c)

  6. Steak & Shake is one of our favorites! Excellent choice after that long drive! ;-)