Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A nice bike ride

Petersburg Campground
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Appling, GA

After lazing around a bit in the morning,
we got on our bikes to take a look at the
We peddled to the trailhead which was just past the entrance gate to our campground.

The trail stretches 37 miles from the North Carolina-Georgia border
to the southern part of Georgia.
It approximates the path of 18th century naturalist and explorer William Bartram.

Initially we were going to hike it, but it is also marked for bikes,
so we opted to ride it instead.
It is a fairly easy trail, a bit narrow in spots, but not too difficult for us :-)

There are several ways to access the trail from the campground.
It turned out that the trail came out right by our site,
which was a good thing, as the signs at the trailhead
said to make sure to wear orange at this time of year due to hunting season.
We quickly changed and got back on the trail.

We rode by a little pond, and saw some goose butts..

The trail meanders through the woods, and once in awhile breaks out by the lake..

There was a spot to drop down to the lake's edge..

We rode over 4 miles, and it felt good!

When we got back, we had some lunch outside on our picnic table.
A female cardinal slowly made her way to our feeder..

Her husband was more aloof :-)

Looks like another beautiful day today!


  1. Oh I love cardinals. When I was back east years ago, I really wanted to see a Red Cardinal. I was sitting on my girlfriends patio, and This not really pretty bird landed on her clothes line. When I asked what it was, she told me it was a cardinal. I was so disappointed to find out only the male is red. Never did see a red one while I was there.

  2. Ha ha ha -- goose butts. We like to watch geese and ducks splashing around and showing off their "better sides."

  3. Nice place for a bike ride with pretty views!!

  4. Nice place for a ride! Such gorgeous views!

  5. You are sure doing my kind of full timing in a beautiful place. Keep those pictures coming.

  6. And now you'll be able to get in much more riding now that the shutdown is officially over! :c)

  7. Reading you post about the cg sure has me looking forward to staying there a couple of weeks after the Myrtle Beach stop. Y'all are just having too much fun!