Thursday, October 10, 2013

A bit of dining with friends

Petersburg Campground
J. Strom Thurmond Lake
Appling, GA

We can't get over the weather here.
It is 80's during the daytime, and 50's at night.
We did use the space heater in the bedroom last night, 
but it never really turned on that much.

This morning we got up and lazed about a bit,
then walked down to the showers.
Since we're only on electric & water here, we'll have to watch our water usage
so as not to fill our tanks up.

I took some pictures of some other parts of the campground..

This is another site, there are no 'bad' ones!

We took a drive up to the Visitor's Center,
where we were meeting Paul, Marti, Mike, and Terri on our way to lunch.

It is a nice center, with all kinds of information about the dam and lake.

After a bit, the other two couples showed up.
We left our truck in the VC parking lot, and rode
with Mike & Terri to the little town of McCormick, SC.

They had heard about a little place called Michelle's Pizza that they wanted to try.

Most of us ordered a small calzone..and it was great!

We all decided to walk around the small town to walk off our lunch :-)


It really was a cute small southern town..

Along our walk we saw these goofy guys..

Not sure who they were, but they kept following us around :-)

Paul, Marti, Mike, & Terri (PMMT) took us to where their rigs
are parked in 'Volunteer Village'.
I should have taken pictures...they're right on the lake..with beautiful views!
Looks like we may have to workamp here sometime to get those nice sites..
with full hookups even!

Not sure what's on our agenda for tomorrow..
but I know I will be riding my bike and exploring!


  1. I'm convinced that if we ever get around to it, this will be on the top of our workkamping list too!

  2. Yeah, who were those three questionable characters that kept stalking us??!!

  3. Now just stop all that having fun in 80 degree temperatures while we sit here in the rain and 60's. No fair!!

  4. Well I guess the CG is still operating despite the "shutdown". Looks like a nice park and y"all look like times are good there.

    Judy and I had planned to stay there for the 2 weeks after the "Carolina Clan" experience but thought the CG would be closed. If you could send ne a couple of site numbers that look good to you so I can try to make reservations I would appreciate it. Last time I chose a site off of the "CG Map" it wasn't pretty. They all look level on the map!!