Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ahoy, matey!

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

We are enjoying this area so much!

George and I took a ride on our bikes around the park,
ending up on the causeway between the salt water marsh, and fresh water inlet.
First thing we saw was this big guy swimming just above the water line..
(It's an alligator if you can't tell!)

There were some cool birds..

Wood storks in the trees..

A bald eagle!
I had to really enlarge and crop to get this picture..

The best part of the day included a paddle on the
Intracoastal Waterway.
Marti found out the best time to go out with the tide,
so we all gathered at about 1 pm and headed out.
We got to the Wacca Wache Marina,
where there was a boat ramp to put our Sea Eagles in.

There were 4 couples that went this time..
Paul & Marti, Mike & Terri, Howard & Linda, and us.

We got them all pumped up..

and took off!

The route we followed took us from the marina, south,
then up a side waterway, up and around, and back out to the river,
where the tide helped bring us back north to the marina again.

We saw some beautiful scenery!

 The fall colors reflected off the water in such beautiful ways..

 Howard & Linda lead us into some side areas.

We also shared the waterway with some nice boats!

 All of us went up the side waterway, and it was beautiful!

 We paddled over 5 miles, and we were glad to finally see the marina.

It was an incredible day with friends enjoying nature's beauty.

When we got back to the park, we enjoyed pizza with all the landlubbers :-)


Today looks to be another nice day with warm temps!
I think a day on the beach is in the works,
and a shrimp boil tonight!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is the life!

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

We are having a great time!

Yesterday after lounging around a bit,
we took a ride into town to pick up some groceries.
The weather has been terrific so far,
and we plan on taking advantage of every minute of it.
Once we got back, I needed to make a dessert for the night's dinner.
Once that was underway,
Dee, Selene, and I took a walk down to the beach to sit and enjoy!

We were joined by a few two-legged friends..

Picture perfect afternoon!

Last night's activities included a swap meet..
George explained the items that people were giving away..

and Nancy surprised us all with beads to wear..

Our evening meal was a hot dog roast!

Marti & Paul offered to pick up the fixin's.. 
and we all brought desserts to share..

I think everyone got a kick out of roasting their own hot dog..

 ..but some got distracted by Howard's discussion about the Wilson antenna..

Some even roasted...pepperoni!

We all enjoyed the conversation, food, and fun!

Today a few of us are taking our Sea Eagles out on the water..
stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Among friends again!

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

We had a fairly easy drive yesterday morning,
and we caravanned to the Myrtle Beach area
behind Paul & Marti, with Mike, then Terri behind us.

We all got to Huntington Beach State Park around 4 pm,
and soon got settled in to our spot..#98..

It wasn't long until a crowd gathered!

We have a total of 10 couples here,
and all but one have attended an RV-Dreams rally.
Some of them had arrived on Sunday,
so we had a welcoming committee!

Last night, after everyone ate dinner in their own homes,
Paul & Mike took off to pick up a half cord of wood
for all the campfires we will have.

We gathered around the fire, which Howard got started for us..

All of us sat around the fire until late in the night!
We made some plans for some fun for the next week!

Should be a great week!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

More RV friends!

Heritage RV Park
Augusta, GA

Yesterday was a lazy day..we love those kind..
not much to do, stay in our jammies kind of day.
The mornings have been right around freezing,
so we've used the fireplace a lot.

Today started out that way, but it warmed up to the mid 70's.
We spent most of the day getting ready to head out tomorrow.
We are heading to Huntington Beach State Park in Myrtle Beach, SC.
It will be so nice to see a lot of our friends who have chosen to 
meet the last week in October for some fun!
Also, now the cat is out of the bag...
Howard & Linda from RV-Dreams are joining us :-)

Tonight we had the pleasure of having dinner at Whiskey Bar & Kitchen
with Janie & John - Flamingo on a Stick.
They happened to be staying at Petersburg campground,
where we just came from. Cool!

We really enjoyed talking about all things RV and life.
They are great people, and we hope to see them again!

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Myrtle Beach with Paul & Marti, and Mike & Terri,
forming a caravan for a change. Should be fun!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

Heritage RV Park
Augusta, GA

We've had a wonderful time in Augusta so far.

Yesterday George dropped me off to get a pedicure,
while he drove to pick up some things at Home Depot.
Seems we have a frayed cable in our bedroom slide :-(

He's decided to tackle the task himself,
but rounding up the cable repair kit has become the problem.
No one carries it in stock, and we're leaving here Monday,
so he may have to wait until we get to Myrtle Beach to repair.

Today, however, we did some exploring!

We drove a few miles to the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area.
The canal was built in 1845 as a source of power and transportation.
In later years it helped power fabric mills, and during the Civil War, a powderworks.

We took the 1 hour boat tour of the canal, which was interesting.

 There was a great guide, who explained the history of the canal,
and the buildings along the water.

The fall colors are starting to pop a bit..

The critters were out sunning themselves as well..

When we got back from the tour of the canal, 
we walked around the Discovery Center.
There were some great exhibits about early life on the canal.

Our next stop was to drive down to the headgates at Savannah Rapids Park.
The water from the Savannah river flows into the Augusta Canal.

 They have a great visitor center..

and gorgeous views of the canal and river..

This is a lovely area!