Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two weeks in our old territory

Silver Valley Campsites
Saylorsburg, PA

We are finally settled in for two weeks at
Silver Valley Campsites in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

There are not a whole lot of options in the Wilkes-Barre area for us to stay.
This place is Passport America, only $22/night.
It's nothing special, lots of permanents, but it works.
The unfortunate part is that it is about 45 minutes from where we need to be to visit!

Yesterday we got up early and headed into 'town'.
George dropped me off at the plant (my OLD job) while he went to a scheduled doctor's appointment.
I'm helping the new owner with some things in exchange for health insurance and wifi. Sweet!
It was nice to see my old cohorts again :-)

After George's appointment (he's healthy!),
we took a ride to see our house - the one that was flooded 2 years ago on September 9, 2011.

Not much has changed in the neighborhood. Someone kept the front mowed,
but the rest is all grown up with lots of weeds.
We're still waiting on our offer from FEMA, we keep hearing it's imminent.

Our next visit was to George's son & DIL's house..
and his cutie pie granddaughters..

 Today, it was my turn for a doctor's appointment.
Looks like it is also my turn for blood pressure meds.
Not good that I have put on some weight, and I need to get more active!!
No excuse :-(

Tomorrow the truck's turn...
he's getting an oil change.

Rumor also has it that some fellow RVrs are in the area..
so we will be having dinner with them we hope!


  1. I am sure you know, "The Checks In the Mail" is one of the three greatest lies of all time. Hope it arrives soon.

  2. We can relate to the campground situation "back home." We too don't have a lot of options, but at least we're able to be closer than you are. It must be sad for the two of you to see your house in that condition, hopefully you'll have all of that behind you soon. Those granddaughters certainly are cuties! Have fun with those fellow RVrs... gee I just wonder who they might be! :)

  3. Oh I feel so out of it, I have no clue who they might be. But I do know the once a year "home" for medical story. Hope you won't have to take BP meds long. Run around after those cutie little girls, that should do it!!

  4. I don't know whether to say welcome home, or I'm sorry. ;c)

    Love the smile on George's face, a very happy grandpa!

  5. We are very lucky to have campgrounds near where we want to be. The one we stay in Catskill is 45 minutes from Albany, so we can relate to the long trip - we have to go there frequently for various appointments and to get together with friends and former co-workers. But it is only 10 minutes from my sister's house, so that makes it very convenient. And we found a great one up near my mom's too, only 15 minutes away. :)

    The nice thing about blood pressure medicine is that it isn't necessarily forever. Both Harry and I used to be on it, and we are both off now. Yay!! I gained back five of the pounds I lost and they have been stubbornly hanging on. This morning I decided I was going to start using the Lose It! app again because I was having great success when I was being faithful to it. I got out of the habit during our marathon traveling session this past April. Time to get back to it - especially now that we are so active with the job at Amazon. That should help.

  6. Be careful that old job doesn't call you back in.

  7. Love those pictures of George and the grandkids! He looks so happy and they are positively adorable!

  8. If Fema would get off thier butts you probably wouldn't need those bp meds.) Nice seeing family n friends again.

  9. Whoo, I have missed a lot. I need to go back to catch up on your trip from Oregon to Pennsylvania. FEMA does work slowly. Our former home town was seriously flooded in the summer of 2008. This year, 5 years later, is the when we have really seen the change finally. The bought out houses are finally all down and things look much better.

  10. Hey Guy's glad to hear everyone is healthy and the blood pres meds aren't that bad. Looks like a nice campground could you tell your site number going to try and reserve it for next summer. Well here hoping the truck gets a clean bill of heath also.....