Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top of the pass.. Raton Pass, NM

Cedar Rail RV Park
Raton, NM

Today was another PDD day, but not quite as bad.
We never let the tank get under 1/2 full :-)
We drove 484 miles and with fuel stops, made it in 9 hours.

This morning we got up at 4:30..ugh!
I haven't had a good night's sleep in a few days, as you can well imagine.
We had to hook up the generator so that we could deflate our Sleep Number bed,
as it was hard as a brick after going through Flagstaff.
We knew we were going to be at Raton Pass today, at an elevation of 7800'.

Our drive was nice, making our way on Hwy 40 from Winslow to Albuquerque,
then north on Hwy 25 through Santa Fe to Raton.

This campground is simple, and at $28/night with Escapees discount, 
perfect for an overnighter.
We have a full hookup, 'pull through' site..

The views are nice, but it is a bit hazy today.

The park is right across from a truck weigh-station.

There is plenty of room.

Tomorrow we will have a leisurely drive..
only 218 miles!
We are staying at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, CO.
I have a dinner date with my son :-)


  1. Enjoy your short drive and let that PDD affliction seep from your tired bones. What better way to do that is with a dinner date with your son. :c)

  2. OK...time to slow down and enjoy the trip!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  3. Wow, I can't even imagine driving that far in such a short time. I am exhausted!! 218 is way too much for me. :-)). Wonderful that you get such a fine reward as dinner with your son.

  4. Ugh! A PDD day, AND you got up at 4:30??? I'm tired just thinking about it. Maybe you can catch a little nap before your dinner date tonight.

  5. We are planning on stopping in the Raton area to see Capulin Volcano tried twice, got snowed out once and closed for a private demonstration the other. Safe travels around Denver and enjoy your date with your son.

  6. At least you had something to look forward to! Does this son cook too? :)
    I hope you are able to stay a few days and catch up on that sleep!

  7. I thought I read you were up at 4:30,I must have misread!