Saturday, September 7, 2013

There's a chef in the house

Betabel RV Park
San Juan Bautista, CA

Yesterday was spent lounging around in the morning..
then we stopped up at Coyote Resort to visit for a few minutes.
That is the place we workamped at last winter.
It was good to see some familiar faces!

We made our way down to my parents' house later.
I drove my Mom to her hair appointment,
and then my oldest son, Adam, met us at the salon.
We had decided to put our heads together and came up with a nice meal to cook for them!
The 3 of us stopped at the grocery store and picked up
a Tri-Tip to barbeque, some potatoes, and makings for salad.

After we got back to their house, we sat around and chatted a bit.

I had scheduled a pedicure at 5, so George went with me.
He enjoyed the massage chair, but opted out of a pedicure :-)

We got back and started preparing..

I love watching my son cook :-)

His girlfriend Candee came up after work..

It was great to see them!

Today we took drove down to Bakersfield. We left at 9 am, and pulled into the
Bakersfield RV Resort at around 1:30.

It is a nice place, but at one time it was the Crest Drive In. When I was in high school,
I used to go to the movies there all the time.
We got a nice pull through site, and just hooked up the minimum things.
We took a drive over to see my Aunt Judy & Uncle Don.

We chatted for a little while, then went to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant.
My cousin Korie, and her husband Carlos met us there.

Now we're back in Harvey, all hooked up and ready to roll tomorrow.
We want to leave by 6 am, as we'll be rolling through the desert towards Arizona.
George may be pulling a PDD tomorrow, driving 540 miles, but we'll see.
We are making our way towards Denver to visit my son Austin!


  1. Glad you are getting to spend some time with all the family. Know your parents are happy to see everyone! Safe Travels...

  2. Oh no!! The dreaded PDD! I had no idea George was afflicted. I am so sorry. Did you happen to know the Pollard family in Bakersfield?? Safe travels. Too bad you can't bring your chef along :-))

  3. Ok, I get the getting on the road early to beat the heat and a lot of distance to cover but, I don't get the PDD. Inform me and remember there are no dumb questions.

  4. Your son is a gem. I always love to watch someone ELSE cook!

    Interesting that the drive-in was turned into a campground. That's a good use of space.

  5. I've read about those PDD hope we don't have to do too many. Safe travels...

  6. Wow, 540 miles! We just did 325ish each of the past two days and that was too much. Safe travels to you guys! Hope you don't have too many more long ones. :)

  7. Oh no the PDD syndrome? And you're pulling a fifth wheel? To bad they don't make a sort of hall way that runs from the truck to the bathroom in the 5th wheel.
    We stay at the Orange Grove RV resort in Bakersfield. Nice to have a chef in the family.

  8. George turned down a pedicure? I guess he's not into his feminine side. I find with a good pedicure, it helps making the PDD days go faster... :cD

    Did you kidnap you son to go with you? Good cooks are hard to leave behind!

  9. I love for anyone to cook for me, especially one of my kids :)
    Sorry about the PDD affliction. That will just require a bit more R&R.