Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nice to relax!

Silver Valley Campsites
Saylorsburg, PA

We've had a nice few days!
Sunday we drove down to Drums, PA to visit my home church.
They've gotten a new pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church,
and he's very nice.
We missed his ordination AND installation by one Sunday.

Yesterday we drove into 'town' again.
George needed some things at the hardware store,
and I stopped by the old job to help out..but only for an hour :-)
We stopped at Verizon as my phone has been freezing up a lot.
They did a factory reset, and now it seems to be working ok.

Today has been beautiful!
George helped me clean Harvey this morning,
then after lunch, we took a walk around
the campground.
There is a small pond at the entrance,
and there are some ducks that are just begging for something to eat..

It's been very chilly in the morning here,
enough to make the colors start to pop..

There are a lot more colors on the highway,
I think we need to take a ride and see!


  1. Hi,
    Nice to see you two again. Wow from Oregon to PA.It will be fun watching your winter activities.

  2. Glad to hear you arrived safely back in your old home town. I think I need Verizon to do something on my phone too. Thanks for reminding me. Don't let those duckies beg too much.

  3. That doesn't sound to me like you're relaxing at all! ;c)

  4. You are certainly back in the area at the prettiest time of the year. We use to ride to the Poconos every fall to see "The Leaves" as they changed colors!!!

  5. Just love the fall season! Enjoy those colors!

  6. We. too. enjoy the changing of the leaves. For sure would not be happy settling in an desert area.