Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making our way south

Camping World
Redding, CA

We left the hatchery in Hebo, Oregon on Saturday morning. 
We knew we only had about a 4 hour drive, 
but with it being the start of Labor Day weekend,
we wanted to get a head start, so we left at 8 am.
Lawrence was working the weekend, so we got to give him a hug goodbye :-)

We made our way over windy route 22 to route 18.
It was an easy ride and a lot less traffic than we expected.
By no time we were on I-5 south.
We pulled into a Pilot truck stop in Oakland, OR at about 12:30 pm.
We wanted to get there early to beat the trucks
 who normally start pulling in at around 3-4 pm.
No problem!

We basically had the place to ourselves!
George found a perfect spot that we could bump our slides out a bit.

Unfortunately it was also 90 degrees out. Yikes!
That's ok. I took my computer inside,
where there was a Denny's.
We grabbed something for dinner..
it was not the best..but they did have a special..
chopped steak with a glass of Merlot for $3.00.
The Merlot, not the whole dinner :-)
George had the chopped steak, I had the Merlot. 

When we went back out to settle in, it was pretty warm.
We opened the windows, but as the trucks started coming in,
we had to put in our passenger side slides.
We left the bedroom window open and the window in the slide,
and it finally cooled off about 3 in the morning :-(

Today we got going about 8 am as well. Our initial plan was to stop in Weed, CA
and stay in the Pilot there overnight with the view of Mt. Shasta.

However, we pulled in, fueled up, and saw the temperature was 89 degrees.
George suggested that we keep moving on another hour to Redding.
We have an appointment here at Camping World on Tuesday to get our living room slide adjusted.
It doesn't seem to be opening all the way, leaving a small gap.
The nice part about a Camping World is that we have electric hookup.
We were here back in May to have our satellite replaced,
so we are very comfortable with our site.
The temp here is 96!
The air conditioning is working overtime, on CW's dime :-)

Tomorrow is Labor Day, but we can do some sightseeing a bit.
We remembered this great Mexican restaurant..
that may be dinner tomorrow night!


  1. Oh those temperatures sound absolutely wilting. LOVE it - George had the steak, I had the merlot!

  2. We just missed you and probably passed you on I-5 going in opposite directions!! We did a rest and lunch stop yesterday at Spirit Mountain Casino and it sure got hot inside the MH. I think you were wise to get some electricity for tonight and keep that AC cranked up. We passed through Hebo today on our sightseeing drive. Too bad we didn't get here a few days earlier. It is beautiful here today - clear blue skies, and warm.

  3. When it gets that hot you have to have hook ups. Windows open are not enough.

  4. Whoa, those are some high temps. We must have left Oregon just in time. You seem to deal with the heat better than I. I would have two glasses of merlot!

  5. I didn't even know Denny's served alcohol. Good thing you clarified the Merlot cost $3 and not the entire meal. I thought that sounded too good to be true. :-)

    Enjoy that A/C tonight!

  6. I'd be having the merlot too! Smart girl!

  7. I feel better knowing we're not the only ones having the heat! But feel badly when it's you guys travelig and having to deal with it. Glad you are settled with hookups to combat the heat!

  8. The free "refrigerated air" at CW and a nights lodging kinda offsets the cost of the slide adjustment.

  9. Definitely getting some power for that a/c sounds like a great idea!! We had to have a slide adjustment the first year and it was pretty simple, took less than a half hour - hope yours is the same!!

  10. So you had a liquid dinner? :c)

    Hope the slide adjustment is a quick and painle$$ fix for you.

  11. "George had the chopped steak, I had the Merlot." Too funny!

    Nothing better than A/C on CW's nickel :)

  12. Good luck on the repair. Have a safe journey...we will be following you.