Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last 'free' night

Walmart Super Center
Elkhart, IN

We had a lovely night last evening at Amana Colonies.
Got all set up, turned on the AC,
then went over to the laundry room to get caught up with that.
It started pouring, and everything cooled off and smelled nice!

This morning we took off around 9 am, and drove 331 miles in about 6 hours.
We added an hour, we're now back in the eastern time zone.

We are at the Elkhart Walmart on the side with another fifth wheel.

We went inside to make sure it was ok, 
and bought a few groceries as well.
Handy for us, there is a Culver's in the parking lot here.
We walked over and had a sourdough melt with fries, 
and I had a Spiced Pumpkin Milkshake..oh boy :-)

George filled in 3 of our states before we left Iowa..
Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa.
I guess it counts that we slept in truck stops :-)

Finally, tomorrow we will be at West Branch State Park in Ravenna, OH.
We get to spend the weekend there visiting some friends that we made
while workamping in California.

Looking forward to more than one night in one place!


  1. Spiced pumpkin milkshake??? I gotta get one of those!

    We dislike daily drives too. Glad you'll be getting a break soon.

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  3. Hope we don't have too many one nights stays this winter. Spiced pumpkin milkshake, sounds good now to find a Culvers before the season is over. I'll be interested to hear about west branch state park, we are thinking of it on our way back to VT in Apri, hard to find things open that early. Enjoy your time with friends.

  4. Love Culvers!!! They don't have them in Florida.

  5. "FREE". The four letter word I love to hear! :c)

  6. Y'all will have the travel map filled in soon.