Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dinner with fellow RVrs!

Silver Valley Campsites
Saylorsburg, PA

Since we had a nice relaxing nothing day yesterday..
we took a ride into town today.
We had a special reason, however..
George's granddaughter, Jillian, had a soccer game.

Her little sister, Jaelyn was enjoying it too!

We enjoyed watching the game, then took a ride around a  bit.
George dropped me off at my favorite salon to get a pedicure.
It was nice to see them again :-)

What we really enjoyed, though,
is the fact that Jim & Dee Walter (Tumbleweed)
are staying in the area on their way south.

We met up with them for dinner,
and to celebrate Jim's birthday, which is tomorrow.

It was nice to see them again!
We'll be seeing them in October at the Carolina Clan reunion..
we can't wait!


  1. Granddaughters, a pedicure, and dinner with Jim & Dee! What a great Saturday!

  2. The little ones are playing soccer one day and before you know it they are going to the Junior/Senior dance!

  3. Oh those soccer players look so little. It is wonderful to be back in your home area and catch up with everyone. Wish we could be at the reunion but doctor's visits again will keep us away. What is this? #3?? #4?? And we only made the first one before David's diagnosis. I know you'll have a great time.

  4. where and when is the clan rally in NC?

  5. I don't like hanging with Dee and Jim. They make me laugh so much my sides hurt for days afterwards!

    How nice to spend time with George's adorable granddaughters! They are cuties, for sure. :c)

  6. Sounds like a great time to be in your old hometown.