Monday, September 9, 2013

Dinner date

Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Golden, CO

I'm happy to report we had a leisurely drive today.
We only did 218 miles, and 4 hours!

We made our way up I-25 north through some pretty areas of Colorado.

We have a perfect spot at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.
Electric & 30 amp hookup for $20/night.
Nothing fancy for sure.

We relaxed a bit and did some online computing
while we waited for my son, Austin to get off work.
All of a sudden the heavens opened up!

There was a severe weather warning.
We had thunder, pea sized hail, and torrential downpours.
The wind was fierce as well.
George ended up pulling the slides in to protect our slide toppers.

Just as the weather improved, Austin called us to let us know he was home.
We hopped in the truck and made our way the 20 minute drive to his apartment.
I am so proud of his place, I just had to take some pictures :-)

Pretty bare!

We found a good place to eat that was within walking distance of his place.
It was called Steuben's, and the food was great!
George had Mac & Cheese with peppers,
I had BBQ Brisket,
and Austin had a pulled pork sandwich.

He's looking great!

 I wish we could have more time with him, but with his work schedule it's not possible.
We'll be back for sure! There's so much to see in this area.

Tomorrow we'll be heading east, stopping overnight in Grand Isle, Nebraska.


  1. Wonderful that you got to visit your fine lad! Too bad you didn't have more time but the time you did spend with him was worth all the PDD traveling! :c)

  2. Nice you get to spend some time with your son. Sure looks like a beautiful area to return too!!

  3. Your son is on track to retire early with his minimalist lifestyle! :-)). I know you had a great time together however short. Safe travels on.

  4. Any amount of time is better than no time, once drove 8 hours (one way) to spend the afternoon with my brother.

  5. I'm thinking that you and George are trying to overtake Paul and Marti! Maybe we should start calling it GLOD :)

  6. Your son is a real cutie, it must have been nice to visit with him and also see his place.

    That was quite a storm, I hope you had no damage. Good thing you were home to pull in the slides. :)

  7. I'm sure you were thrilled to see your son, no matter how limited your time was. Sure is nice to be mobile so you can see him whenever you want.

    Grand Island is about 30 miles north of Hastings, where we spent four months last year. . . healing from my broken arm. :-(