Monday, September 2, 2013

Day two Camping World

Camping World
Redding, CA

Today is day two of free camping on the parking lot with electric hookup.
As it is Labor Day weekend, the service department is closed,
and it didn't seem like too many people were coming in to shop for a new RV.

We did some lounging around this morning,
then decided to run some errands in Redding.
It was hot again today, upper 90's!
We found a local Chevrolet dealer that George wants to stop by tomorrow.
On the way over Grant's Pass yesterday, the 'check engine light' came on.
Everything seemed to run fine, so not sure what's up, but of course it's not on now,
but we want to have them read the code it generated.

We also stopped by 3 different stores to find Hope's Perfect Countertop.

I love it for the Corian countertops in Harvey. 
They shine them up and help to keep the minor scratches at bay.
We finally found it at Lowe's :-)

It was time to feed our hungry bellies so we stopped at 
Cicada Cantina for their great Mexican food.
We had eaten here last time we were in Redding and thought it was good.

It was!

Now we're in the nice cool RV on CW's dime.
Tomorrow morning, George will go to the Chevy dealer,
and I will sit and wait for our slide to be adjusted.
Hopefully it will be an easy fix,
as our next stop will be to see my Mom & Dad :-)


  1. Happy Labor Day:o)) At least your campground isn't crowded;-)

  2. Well Nancy beat me to it, that's just what I was going to say. Glad to see you on the road again. Good luck with the slide and the light.

  3. Hope your fix "slides" in easily. Nice that you've been sitting cool. No fun not having A/C in an RV, they get hot quickly.

    Camping World does do a nice job of providing hookups for service appointments. :c)

  4. Never heard of Hope's Perfect I'll have to make a run to Lowe's :)

  5. Gotta remember your suggestion about Hopes. And it not like we never go into a Lowes!

  6. Hope that both fixes are quick and simple so you can be back on the road again very soon!

  7. I'll have to give Hope's a try....of course there is no Lowe's here.

  8. Hope everything is fixed quickly, easily and inexpensively, so that you can get back on the road again. Love Mexican Food, usually can't go wrong with it! Safe travels.

  9. A friend recommended Hope's P.C. and I was not able to find it. I have three different products that promised to shine the Corian in our motorhome. None have done the job. Now, I know where to look! Thanks!

  10. Maintenance is a constant in this lifestyle just like an S&B it seems there is always something that needs done. We just got new tires on the truck.

  11. Never heard of Hope's. Thanks for the tip!

    Hope everything goes well with both Harvey and your truck.