Monday, September 16, 2013

A great weekend with good friends

West Branch State Park
Ravenna, OH

We've had the best time this weekend!

Saturday we got up and attempted computer stuff.
The signal isn't the best here at the state park.
We took a walk around a bit.

We then drove to Connie & Greg's house.
They were finishing up a garage sale.

We chatted and Greg grilled steaks.

Afterwards, Greg drove us around a bit showing us Akron and surrounding areas.
This is tire country..or rubber country.
We got to see the Firestone Country club, where golf is king.

Greg happened to drive right by his favorite ice cream place,
and treated us to cones.

We had a nice evening telling stories and laughing a LOT.

Yesterday Greg & Connie picked us up around 10 am to go to breakfast.
We decided on IHOP based on the fact that I was
really salivating at their commercials for the stuffed french toast.
They were out! I had belgian waffles instead. Not the same :-)

We drove by the blimp hangar hoping to see if the Goodyear blimp was out,
but all we saw was the hangar.
Akron is a beautiful city with lots of rolling hills and bodies of water.

We again went to their house to sit and chat a bit.
Some of us had a little nap :-)

Of course, it was time to go eat again!
Connie had reservations at a winery for dinner,
but Greg was really wanting to take us to a place called
Gasoline Alley.

It was definitely a good choice!
I had this huge plate of Pasta con Vodka..
I brought more than half of it home!
George had an Italian Stallion,
which was salami, ham, pastrami, and cheese in a pita.
I think we're going to take a break from eating for awhile :-)

This morning we're just about ready to hit the road again.
We have a 6 hour day, driving to Saylorsburg, PA.

We get to be there 2 weeks!


  1. Looks like you got a great tour of Akron, good food and fun times with friends. Some of the best of full timing. I know you are going to love 2 weeks in one place. Usually I try to do that for all of our stops since it's the driving part of RVing I don't care for. LOL

  2. What nice friends you have to give you a personal tour of Akron. Sounds like fun times with them too. Safe travels to PA.

  3. I'm with Sherry. Two weeks is the minimum we like. You certainly ate well in Akron. Safe travels.

  4. You're gone already? Didn't you just get there? LOL!

  5. While you are there, check out Quaker Square. It was a Quaker Oats mill that burned and what was left was made into shops and restaurants. The silos were to me made into condos. I have not been there since 1978 so it may have changed.

    Please be careful on the road.

  6. Nice friends, they surely did you proud on your visit with them. That blimp hanger is something to see, too bad the GY blimp was out working.