Friday, September 20, 2013

A day of down time

Silver Valley Campsites
Saylorsburg, PA

Ahhh...breathe deeply...

Today we have absolutely nothing to do.
We are being lazy (well I am!), and sticking to the campground.
George is going to wash Harvey a bit,
and I think I might catch up on my reading.

Yesterday we did some visiting.
I dropped by the ole job again,
while George got an oil change in the truck.
We dropped by George's old boss's house to say hi.

George also is looking into getting something called
a 'performance programmer'
called the Edge Evolution.
Apparently it reprograms the engine via the computer,
giving it more towing power.
It's a bit pricey, coming in around $400,
so we'll have to think about it :-)
We stopped by several auto parts stores to look into it.

At the end of the day, we were waiting for a call from
Jim & Dee (of Tumbleweed fame)..
they are staying in the area on their way south.
We were going to meet them for dinner, 
but they were tired from their travel day.
We've taken a rain-check for Saturday!

Since our plans changed, we got ahold of George's daughter Heather.
We had a nice meal at TGIF's..

It was nice to reconnect!


  1. We met Jim and Dee back in SD last year. Funny how it happened. We were parking right next to them for days. If was AFTER we left and were parked about 20 miles away that a blogger realized we had been next to each other. What's a 40 mile round trip to meet another blogging and full timing couple? Nothing!

    Enjoy your down day.

  2. Ahhh is right! You guys have done A LOT of traveling -- enjoy your down time.

    Jim and Dee are so much fun!

  3. Down time is the best. I hope to get some very soon.

  4. Sounds like the exact same thing we are doing.

  5. I try not to think of it as lazy, but rather trying to reach that perfect relaxed state:)

  6. Nice that George got to see Heather, a special time for dad and daughter.

    I'd do some research on that performance programmer. Although I'm not familiar with the one you are looking at, some on the market make the engine run hotter because of the HP increase. Excess heat can be problematic. Just check it out to be sure.