Friday, August 9, 2013

Tillamook County Fair

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Wow, over a week since you've heard from us.
We're still here :-)

The hatchery job is winding down, we leave 3 weeks from tomorrow.
My patience with working with the company in PA is paying off soon,
the closing for the sale of the company should be Monday.
We have our offer from FEMA, with a few details to be worked out.

Yesterday we got out for some fun!
The annual Tillamook County Fair runs August 7-10,
and Thursday is senior day..with only $6 admission each.
What a deal!

We got there shortly after 1 pm, and proceeded to walk around and see the sights (and smells).

There was the cow judging..

dog showing..

and of course flowers too!

Of course we had to have some good fair food. My favorite is the corn dog,
so we both got one of those.
While we ate that, we sat and watched some entertainment.
There was a comedy juggling act..

comedy, not so much :-)
After they were through Joe Stoddard sang some great oldies..

We had some cotton candy, which is in bags now, not on a stick!

George and I wandered around the midway area, but neither one of us is into carnival rides.
We decided to go into the arena area. There were horse races..

 But the best part of the whole fair was this..
Pig-n-Ford races!

Men drive around a dirt track driving Model T Fords while holding a 20# piglet.
It's the funniest thing we ever watched!
They race 5 cars at a time..
The men start at the start of the gunshot,
and then race across the track to boxes where the pigs are held.

At this point they each grab a pig..
(we saw a few dropped and they had to chase them down!)

Then, pig in one arm, they crank their cars up to start them..

Then jump in the car and speed around the oval track.

They do this 3 times, each time they have to get a new pig.

First one back the third time is the winner!
They also have 5 more cars for the next round.
If you're ever in Oregon, in Tillamook, at fair time..
it is definitely a must see!


  1. Congrats on FEMA. I'm glad you posted, we were wondering what was going on. Have fun!

  2. I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know the FEMA story--I'll have to go back and read. Seems like I'm always trying to catch up!

    My heart skips a beat every time I see you write Tillamook. I'll be sad to see you leave the area. Sounds like a whole lot of fun at the fair. I wonder if the piglets think so. :) I'm trying to picture where the fairgrounds are. Surely I passed them.

  3. With a little luck maybe Judy and I will get to attend the Tillamook County Fair. Like you and George, Judy and I will be through here in about 3 weeks. Glad the FEMA chapter is ending close to ending.

  4. Good news on FEMA. Amazing they worked so "quickly". ;c)

    Pigs and Model Ts. Just goes to show some people have way too much time on their hands. What does the winner get, a pork chop? :cD

  5. Sounds like a fun day at the fair. I just don't think cotton candy tastes the same since it no longer comes on a paper cone. That was part of the fun! The pig and Model T race is a new one on me. What will they think of next!!

  6. Great news about FEMA! Know you'll be happy to close that chapter.

    The pig races sound like a hoot!

  7. Great news about FEMA and the sale of the water company. It will be great to leave both those details behind and get on with having fun!! That local fair sure looked like a hoot:o))

  8. Shame on both of you! Lying about your age (saying you are seniors) just to save a few bucks getting into the fair!

  9. Those local fairs are so much fun! I prefer them to the big state fair. Congrats on finally getting that FEMA offer!

  10. Boy are the FEMA offer and the sale of the company are really going to simplify your life. Congratulations!! It's about time. That pig race looks hilarious. Poor pigs they gotta wonder what in the world is this all about. :-))