Saturday, July 27, 2013

This & That, Here & There

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Another week of being tied to the computer :-(
I will be glad to be done with it!

We did get into Tillamook on Thursday.
It was time for a haircut.
I have decided to let my color go..
it's gotten too expensive to keep up every 6 weeks.

 I'm seeing a few gray sections now :-)

We stopped at a little diner called Alice's Country House for a late lunch afterwards.

George had a cheese steak sandwich, and I had a taco salad.
The salad wasn't all that great, so I had a piece of homemade German Chocolate cake :-)
I wish I had taken a picture of it was great!

The weather here has been perfect! It makes it easier to have an outdoor job.
The mowing here has pretty much come to a stop due to lack of rain.
We fill our days weeding the flower beds, keeping them looking nice.
George has been putzing around fixing things..
and I have been helping count fish again.

5 weeks from today we'll be rolling again...
we're starting to get that ole' hitch-itch feeling!


  1. That's not gray hair - just "natural" highlights. :-)

    Love those small town diners.

  2. I like to think of each gray or white hair as signs of "wisdom" ;o)) I tell my kids I earned every white hair on my head!!

  3. Did the same thing last Oct, was odd to see the natural color again and all of those earned natural highlights. Spent some time weeding too, with all the great weather seems the weeds have flourished. We're headed out 9/30 but hitch-itch has set in already. Off to watch the weekend warriors leave then the campground will be ours for a few days :)

  4. Yup, you know I did the same thing a couple years ago. It just wasn't worth the money. Haven't missed it at all! :)

    Wow, only 5 weeks! You will be heading out a little sooner than us. Where are you heading next? :)

  5. Cute haircut, and what a great idea to forget about all that hassle of coloring. Did that in my fifties, and loved the freedom I felt at going "natural"! Good for you! Looking forward to seeing where you are going next. The time has flown by hasn't it?

  6. Working on getting back to my "roots" myself. I had went natural a few years back and then decided to color again. It was ok for a few years but now I'm just tired of the hassle and expense. Besides, I like my silver/gray. As said before we earned those natural highlights.

  7. Putzing around is a good thing! Enjoy your last few weeks.

  8. I found going "natural" quite liberating. Almost as good as getting rid of all your "stuff" :) Love the haircut. I think you'll look wonderful with some natural highlights :)

  9. Since I have almost no hair, it is hard to appreciate these issues:) I remember when my mother gave up coloring, it turned out that she had great looking light gray hair that looked so much better than the fake blonde she sported for years.

  10. Think of all the money you're now saving on hair color that will buy fuel! Gosh, you'll be able to travel more and workamp less... :cD

    We certainly understand "hitch itch". Looks like we'll be stationary in SC at least another month and a half. :c(

  11. OH be still my heart - German Chocolate Cake is one of my very favorites and to hear you say it was great makes my mouth water. Thank goodness there was no picture. I guess I've always been too cheap to color my hair. I know you'll like it. Blondes always just look like they have highlights.

  12. I was blonde for years. (by choice, but by nature). Now it's gray, gray, gray. Somehow when I look in a mirror inside I still see blonde. But then I will catch a glimpse of myself in a store window, etc outside and to my surprise - I AM REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GRAY.

    Can well understand your hitch-itch. Same here.

  13. Hi Laurie, can you tell us where exactly Alice's Country House is? I love your new "doo" Early greying followed by white hair is something I inherited from my mom's side of the family. I've never tried to cover it. I figure look at all the money I have saved. Gals spend lots of money to have hair my color :)

  14. I tried the going gray thing and I just couldn't do it. John has this pretty white gray hair but mine is not that color. One of these years I'll get brave and try it again.