Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The view from the top - Mt Hebo

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Yesterday we did some grocery shopping in Tillamook,
then scouted out some places to put our Sea Eagle in some water.
We have picked up some trail maps, but most of them
would require us to float with the tide,
and we'd need Bill & Nancy to help with that ;-)

There are a couple small lakes, and the one we were going to do today,
Cape Meares Lake, is more like part of the ocean! 
There is a lot of wind, as it is right next to Tillamook bay.
We decided to keep looking for a quieter lake inland.
There are a few more places to explore nearby,
so it will happen eventually :-)

In the meantime, it was a beautiful, clear, sunny day.
Mt. Hebo is only 7 miles to the top from the hatchery.
It is a nice winding road, that meanders through Douglas Fir trees.

At the summit, about 3100', used to be the
Air Force General Surveillance Radar Station 
that was active from 1956 to 1980.

There is a flat spot to the west of the station 
which appeared to be a landing strip at one time.

The short walk up to that area takes you through some small wildflowers..

But it's the top..the view!
To the west..the Pacific Ocean..

It really does feel like you're on top of the world!

There are 5 mountain peaks you can see from the top..
Mt Hood, Mt Jefferson (both Oregon)..
 Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, and Mt Adams (Washington)

There was a bit of haze in the air, so the pictures didn't turn out like I wanted..
and I forgot my telephoto in the truck :-(
You can barely make out Mt Hood in the background..

It really is a terrific view from up there!
We will come back..with the binoculars, and telephoto lens :-)


  1. Wow that is some view!! Just beautiful. I'll bet there are folks at an outdoor store or even at the hatchery who could show you how to read a tide chart. It's really not hard but you do have to be careful. That said, a lot of wind is not fun in a kayak. We were out today and had a great time until we started paddling back INTO the wind. Rough going.

  2. Okay, you get a pass this time. Next time, you'd better have that lens... ;c)

    Despite the haze, that was some view. Bet you could almost see Pennsylvania from there, not that you'd want to!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I am always scrambling with the lens...never have the right one;o(( The shots you got are wonderful!!

    Up here near the Maritimes, we haven't put the kayak in...really extreme tides that scare us ALOT;o))

  4. Your pictures bring back some wonderful and some bittersweet memories. Thank you for sharing. It's a small world.

    Did you stop at the little lake on the way up the mountain. I want to say it's called Hebo Lake. I have a picture of a little boy fishing with his Grampa. He had just caught his first fish. I sent him the picture. That was back before digital cameras.

  5. Random trips are sometimes the best. To bad those telephoto lenses are so cumbersome. Nice views.

  6. Wow, what a view. Pretty amazing that you could get a picture of Mt Hood at all from there.

  7. Looks like some beautiful views! Enjoy your days!

  8. You wright a very nice blog but it sure would be great if the photos were larger. I know that I can probably click on them and see them larger but then I have to do each and every one. Can't miss one, don't you know? LOL It would make your blog more attractive I think.

  9. There was never a landing strip to the west of the former Mt Hebo AFS. There was a helipad at the former Air Force Station. Steve Mt Hebo AFS 65-67, 689th Radar Squadron, Radar Maintenance Officer

  10. There was never an air strip at Mt Hebo AFS. There was a helipad by the main station. Steve Mt Hebo AFS, 689th Radar squadron, radar maintenance officer, 65-67

  11. I was stationed there 1976 - 1978. On a clear day we could count 7 mountains (your 5 plus Mt Rainier, Washington, and Three Sisters, near Bend, OR). At night it was so clear, I found the Andromeda Galaxy with my binoculars. Very cool place to be. Many memories.

  12. If you'd like some old pictures of Mt. Hebo (beginning in 1960), check out this link: