Monday, July 1, 2013

A little hike & lunch with friends

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Been a few 'goings-on' since I last posted on Thursday.

Friday was our first day back on at the hatchery.
We got an e-mail from some of our fellow workampers at Coyote RV Resort.
Frank and Donna recently left there, as Frank retired!
They are now traveling around this great country.
On their way north to Astoria, they stopped in Tillamook,
where we met them for some good grilled cheese sandwiches :-)

We got someone to take a picture of us in the Loaf of Love :-)

It was certainly nice to see them, and hopefully we'll see them again down the road.

Saturday and Sunday were filled with mowing and weeding.
George found a new toy to play with..

 Pond 15, a settling pond from the creek water, needs to have the dirt moved out.
It hasn't been done in 3 guess who volunteered to do it? :-)

It has been pretty hot this week, high 80's, but cools down nicely at night.
Last night we had a campfire and enjoyed the stars when they came out.

Today we finished up doing our outside work,
then took a drive to a place called
It is not a very long hike, only .5 miles round trip, but the falls are beautiful.
We walked among Elderberry..


and pretty wildflowers..

 When we got to the top, this was waiting for us..

 We took the scenic route home, and saw that the fog was rolling in..

We have a new visitor taking a look at the fish!

I believe it is a Belted Kingfisher..though he's hard to catch!

More adventures to come..
there is a Sea Eagle trip in our future :-)


  1. That's a belted kingfisher all right and I'll bet he is really interested in your fish. Great picture. I've been trying to get one for years. Guess I need to hang out at a hatchery! :-))

  2. Yes, indeed, a belted kingfisher! I too always try to catch them and they fly away too quickly. We have spent a lot of time in Pacific City, great kayaking in the bay there. I also just heard that the Hawk Creek Cafe in Neskowin just re-opened. It used to be a good place to eat. Looking forward to hearing more about your Hebo adventures. I will get in touch when we plan a day trip in that direction.

  3. Oh, I loved Munson falls. Beautiful area!

  4. Very nice! Your days have been full with lots of fun stuff it looks like! :) Here too, and the days go by so fast even though we're not doing much out of the ordinary. But we've almost been here for two months already! Crazy.

  5. Pretty the falls!! Nice to see George has lots of toys;o)

  6. The difference between men and boys must be the size of their toys :) George looks like he's having a ball!

  7. I remember Munson Falls. So many neat nooks and crannies to explore in your area.

  8. George does know he has to leave that tractor behind when you finish up your time, right??? ;c)

  9. It looks a little crowded in the VW Bus!

  10. Looks like you are enjoying Oregon.