Thursday, June 20, 2013

Holy Toledo!

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Fun on our last day off this week..

We took a drive south again, and ended up in Toledo.
Toledo, Oregon :-)
I found a farmer's market on an Oregon online calendar of events.
It was a small little town, and very big in the lumber industry.

There were several areas with vendors, but we didn't see anything we just had to have.

We also decided to stop in Newport.
It is a great little seaside town, and big on fishing!
The buildings have murals painted on them all about the industry..

There are shops all up and down the street..

We happened to catch a fishing charter coming back,
with a lot of halibut!

There was even someone there to filet them..

Seeing all that fish made us hungry and thirsty :-)
Rogue is a local beer, and they happen to be right here in Newport.

Popcorn shrimp and a Crab Louie..yum!

On the way back north to Hebo, we stopped and took some pictures.
Even though it was raining on our way to Toledo,
it managed to stop raining every time we got out to explore!

Yaquina Bridge

Yaquina Lighthouse

Devil's Punchbowl

 Lots of cute squirrels begging for anything!

It was a great day!
The coast of Oregon is just beautiful..


  1. I have never seen Devil's Punch Bowl empty like that!!! Great Day for a drive huh

  2. Nice tour of the area. Your photos are wonderful. Love the hanging basket and the bridge photos the best. They would make great jigsaw puzzles!!

  3. What cute towns. Nice job controlling the rain!! Bet lots of others would like to know your secret. Those beach pictures ate gorgeous. Hope to see that coast maybe next summer.

  4. So that's what Oregon looks like with the sun shining! Nice that it came out for your last day off.

    Oregon seems like it remains in the 1950s, life is a slower, more enjoyable pace. It has some remarkable charm in its little towns and the coastal scenery is hard to beat. Maybe its time we paid Oregon another visit... ;c)

  5. Those hanging plants are beautiful. Sure nice that the rain showers were timed just right for you.

  6. And I thought you had left and gone to Ohio. There is also a nice aquarium in Newport.

  7. It looks like you had a perfect day! Always have heard wonderful things about the Oregon coast. We will get there eventually :)