Saturday, June 1, 2013

Everything is so green in Oregon

Cedar Creek Fish Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Well the rain has finally stopped for awhile.
It's actually been pretty nice the last couple of days, and in the high 60's.

We've been pretty busy doing our jobs.
George has been mowing on a riding tractor,
there is LOTS to mow!
I have been using the weed wacker to knock down the weeds near the ponds.
Today I took the herbicide around spraying for weeds.
The hatchery is very careful to make sure that the spray does not
get applied near the runs, nor is it sprayed when it is windy.
Bob says there is minimal run-off into the creek when it rains.

I helped with some spreadsheet data in the office too..
geez, I thought I was going to get away from that stuff!

George and I took a walk after dinner and took some pictures of the creek.

We have a nice place to sit in our anti gravity recliners..
this is our view..

 We've seen a bald eagle flying above the river across the road from the hatchery (the views above).
There's also some hawks, and turkey vultures as well..

Mr Gnome is quite happy to be outside.
He's not been out, but been sitting on the dining room table all this time!


More mowing to do tomorrow, then we'll be helping to clean out one of the ponds.
There is never a lack of things to do here!


  1. We went to the North Mississippi Fish Hatchery yesterday. Sure made us think about y'all. :-)

  2. Beautiful view...oh what wonderful peace and quiet!!!

  3. Lovely spot...the job sounds great!

  4. This has got to be the coolest workamping gig ever, despite the spread sheets. I bet George is enjoying riding that lawn tractor, good thing there's plenty of grass to mow.

    Just curious, do the eagles sometimes snatch fish from the hatchery ponds? Seems like there would be great hunting for them there.

  5. I would be the one on the mower. That is something I really enjoy. Weed whacking not so much. So, did you let on that you know spread sheeting? You do have a nice area to enjoy and explore.

  6. Beautiful views! Looks like there's enough there to keep you busy all the time if you wanted it to! Just say no :)

  7. What a great place to relax after all that work. Fabulous views! I would never have even thought about working at a fish hatchery but it seems like a less hectic situation than dealing with campers.

  8. We loved Oregon and it is very, very green. So far it looks like you are enjoying this gig (except for the spreadsheet thing)

  9. We just visited the Alsea River fish hatchery yesterday and I wrote about it in my blog tonight. We love fish hatcheries. Maybe we'll get up to Hebo this summer. We have never visited that hatchery. Looks very peaceful.