Thursday, June 27, 2013

A bit of sightseeing in Portland

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Portland is only about 1.5 hours away from Hebo.
It's a scenic drive to get there as well.

Today we had a special reason to head that way.
I have been corresponding with Betty Graffis since we arrived in Hebo.
She used to live here, and knows exactly where we are staying at the hatchery!
George and I decided to meet Betty, and her husband Joe, for lunch.
They directed us to a local place called Tebo's.

They go there quite often, and even know the owner Craig..
who told us the story of the place :-)

He was kind enough to take a picture of the 4 of us!

Betty was kind enough to print out a list of Portland attractions.
They are terrific people!
Armed with the list, we hugged them both, and took off north to the city.

We knew we wouldn't have enough time in one afternoon to see everything we wanted.
We chose first to go to the Portland Rose Garden.

I took so many pictures of the beautiful flowers, I can't put them all here.
Here are a few of the prettiest ones..

Mr Gnome decided he wanted his picture taken with the roses,
just like his cousin on the commercial :-)

 There is so much to see at the Rose Garden, but we just got a taste of it.

Speaking of taste..
we were told we just had to go to VooDoo Doughnut.
We really wanted to go to the original shop..
but the line was crazy!
So we found their second location (VooDoo Doughnut Too)

Yes, that is bacon on a Maple Bacon Bar. Yum!

There are hundreds of combinations of donuts..
we stuck to these two :-)

We can't wait to go back and explore some more of the wonderful city!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More work day fun!

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

It rained on a couple of our work days.
That doesn't get us out of working..
we just either work inside..

washing windows

our do something that will end up getting us wet anyway..

We had to pressure wash the inside of the clipping trailer.
Remember the day we helped with the fish clipping?
Well this hatchery does the same, on a much smaller scale.
The clipping gets done inside a small trailer,
with only 5 people helping.

Tuesday, our first day off, George felt under the weather,
and today it was my turn.
The weather sorta looked like this..

The sun came out a bit today, in time for me to catch this guy outside..

first time I've seen an Evening Grosbeak!
Pretty cool!

Tomorrow we're going to take a ride to Portland to explore.
We're also meeting Joe & Betty for lunch..
meeting more RV bloggers!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Work day

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Even though I grumble about the rain on our days off..
at least on some of our work days it is nice to be outside.
Yesterday was the nicest day of our string of 4 days on.
I hopped on the old John Deere and helped George mow.

He decided to burn a few weeds out of one of the ponds..

There are a lot more wildflowers popping up around the property..

and more birds at our bird feeder!

This Goldfinch likes to perch on the handlebar of my bike..
and keep an eye on the bird feeder :-)

Today...rain...but we're doing some work in the buildings..
so not so bad!
One month down..two to go..
in two weeks, my parents are coming up for a visit!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Holy Toledo!

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Fun on our last day off this week..

We took a drive south again, and ended up in Toledo.
Toledo, Oregon :-)
I found a farmer's market on an Oregon online calendar of events.
It was a small little town, and very big in the lumber industry.

There were several areas with vendors, but we didn't see anything we just had to have.

We also decided to stop in Newport.
It is a great little seaside town, and big on fishing!
The buildings have murals painted on them all about the industry..

There are shops all up and down the street..

We happened to catch a fishing charter coming back,
with a lot of halibut!

There was even someone there to filet them..

Seeing all that fish made us hungry and thirsty :-)
Rogue is a local beer, and they happen to be right here in Newport.

Popcorn shrimp and a Crab Louie..yum!

On the way back north to Hebo, we stopped and took some pictures.
Even though it was raining on our way to Toledo,
it managed to stop raining every time we got out to explore!

Yaquina Bridge

Yaquina Lighthouse

Devil's Punchbowl

 Lots of cute squirrels begging for anything!

It was a great day!
The coast of Oregon is just beautiful..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A drive south

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Raining again on our days off! Geez :-)

Yesterday we drove to Tillamook to pick up groceries.
We've switched from Safeway to Fred Meyer (a Kroger company),
as it has a gas rewards program as well. 
Safeway has it, but no gas stations in the area yet.

Today we took a drive to Lincoln City.
It is about a 25 minute drive south of Hebo,
along Hwy 101, with wonderful views of the ocean.

There is a little river (World's shortest!) that flows from
Devil's Lake to the ocean, about 120 feet!


Before we did some exploring, George dropped me off to get a pedicure.
He always finds someplace to get coffee while he's waiting :-)

I also made an appointment to see an Opthamologist.
About a month ago, I had a lightning bolt type flash
in my right eye, followed by more than usual floaters.
He numbed my eyeball, dilated my eye,
and proceeded to blind me by looking at my retina.
He didn't find anything damaged, but gave me the
'as we age we will see more floaters & flashes'.
He even gave me a pamphlet about the subject.
The doctor does want to see me in another month.

George & I decided to find someplace for lunch.
We passed a place called Mo's, which is in the Taft section of Lincoln City.
It had terrific views, which, because my eyes were dilated, were not fun,
I had a bread bowl of clam chowder, and George had a chili bowl.
The chowder wasn't very good, and their beer tap was not working,
so we couldn't have a nice cold one :-(

We have one more day off this week..
and I'm going to make sure that it is a better one!