Thursday, May 9, 2013


Park of the Sierras
SKP Park
Coarsegold, CA

My favorite National park has to be Yosemite.
Now, mind you,  I haven't been to all of them, 
so that could change :-)

We took off from Coarsegold, and drove straight up Hwy 41
and into the south entrance to Yosemite National Park.

Since George has never been here before, we drove up to Glacier Point first.
These views are as close to heaven as you can be!

Is there any better views than these?

From there we drove down into Yosemite valley,
stopping to eat our packed picnic lunch,
and enjoy a few more views..

We found a place to park, then looked around the visitor center,
where George got our passport book stamped..

We sat and had a small ice cream..

and was entertained by this cute squirrel :-)

It was time to do a hike..
so we walked down to Yosemite Falls trail.
On the way we saw this Bobcat.
He was stalking something, so I couldn't get a good picture.

George was amazed by the Sequoia trees..

and even more by the falls..

It was starting to rain when we got to the base of the falls,
so we watched them for a bit, then quickly walked to the shuttle bus.
We got back to the parking lot, and the heavens opened up..
there was a lot of lightning, and it began to hail!
Thus ended our day in the park.
Everyone decided to leave at the same time :-)

Tomorrow we will drive into Mariposa again,
and visit with an old friend!


  1. Beautiful Photos!! Have not been to Yosemite but it is on the list.

  2. So glad you got to see Yosemite...we love that park! Beautiful photos!

  3. Great Shots. We hope to make it out west next year.

  4. Beautiful! We hope to make it out there sooner rather than later :)

  5. Gorgeous! What a great day. I need to figure out when we can get there.

  6. You haven't been to all the National Parks yet? Well, you better get busy!!! :c)

  7. Yosemite is definitely on our list! Will definitely have to keep our eyes open for bobcats!

  8. Beautiful! Glad the rain held off for the most part.

  9. Ohhhh such beautiful views. We have not been there yet, its definitely on my list and you just reminded me why.