Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So it rains in Oregon :-)

Valley of the Rogue SP
Gold Hill, OR

We are settled in a beautiful state park here in Oregon.
Monday we left Weed, CA at about 11 am. The park here in Oregon has a check in time of 4 pm! 
As it was only about an hour or so drive, we didn't want to be sitting and waiting to get in.
On the way north on I-5 we went through a few grades, including a 7 mile 6% .
The truck (and George!) made it through fine. George got a knot in his stomach
worrying about the brakes and over-revving the engine.
He wants to put new brakes, a heavier duty kind to help with these hills.
I think if George had his way, we would stick to the flat states :-)

As it turns out, we could have come to the park anytime, the booth wasn't manned for some reason.
We have a nice pull-through site..

 ..but with  lots of no satellite signal :-(

It also has been raining, yesterday and today.
We even had a small hailstorm yesterday.

I've been researching a few places to go when the weather gets a bit better.
There are some nice hikes within an hours drive, and some great little towns to explore.
Looking forward to it!


  1. Be sure to go to Ashland and take in a play in the Elizabethan theater. World class Shakespeare. Also fun are the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill, and Jacksonville. A very fun part of my great state.

  2. Welcome to Oregon! Be glad you are on the west side of the mountains and not the east side where it snowed this morning!. I echo Susan's suggestions. Wine tasting on the Applegate River is also fun if you are into that sort of thing. (I wrote about our tour there in the blog for last August) Have fun and hope it stops raining for you! We pass that beautiful park often now that we have the little cottage in Grants Pass.

  3. will be fun to see your tours! But driving those grades would make me nervous too.

  4. The jet boat dinner ride on the Rogue out of Grant's Pass is fun!

  5. You are in our home town! We still own our house in Grants Pass. The Hells Gate Jet Boat trip is a definite that we would recommend. Hope the weather warms & dries up for you.

  6. I am the one who gets a little nervous on steep grades. I would bet Leonard gets tired to seeing me out the corner of us eye grabbing the door armrest for dear life.

    As long as it's a little rain, nothing will keep you down for long.

  7. There is a nice little bike trail that goes right out of the park. Might want to wait until the rain stops though. :)

  8. Don't get too soggy...rain happens. ;c)

  9. I get very nervous on grades but then I'm a nervous driver and a nervous passenger in the rig. Hope you get some dryness coming your way I want to see Oregon through your eyes.