Sunday, May 26, 2013

Natural Bridge Trail

Valley of the Rogue SP
Gold Hill, OR

Despite feeling like crap yesterday, I figured I'd feel like crap
whether I was sitting at home, or taking a ride.
Off we went :-)

I had looked up a short hike just past Prospect, OR,
which is about an hour from the campground.
Prospect is about 35 miles this side of Crater Lake, but we're saving that for next time.

The directions were easy to follow, and there was ample parking for the big truck.

The trail was even, and paved for a bit. It runs right along the Rogue River.
There are some cool overlooks, with signage to explain how the river runs under the lava.

The water was very powerfull!

It was definitely worth the drive,
and I'm glad I got out of the house :-)


  1. That river really has some force behind it. I guess you didn't go for a swim? ;c)

  2. Hope you get better quickly. Nice pics.

  3. Playing catch up. Hope you're feeling better by now.