Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Park of the Sierras
SKP Park
Coarsegold, CA

The weather is not cooperating.
Although we wanted to spend as much time
in Yosemite as possible, we don't want to make the hour drive
from the RV park into Yosemite Valley if it's raining.
It is supposed to be sunny & warmer later in the we'll wait.

Yesterday George turned on the TV to find that the satellite didn't seem to be
sending a signal to the Direct TV receiver. We never turned it on Monday when we got here.
It looks like we have a clear line of sight, so we don't think that is the problem.
Made a call in to DTV and Winegard...we'll see. Looks like another trip to Camping World :-)

We finally got out about 11 am. I wanted to explore Mariposa a bit.
My family had friends (neighbors, I used to babysit their son) who moved 
to Mariposa years (and years) ago. I have been trying to get in touch with Barbara
for a few weeks to get together. George and I decided to just stop by.
She wasn't home, but we left one of our cards. Hopefully she'll give us a call.

In the meantime we parked and walked around the town.

It still is the off-peak season, so some of the historical buildings weren't open.
It is such a cute little town, the gateway to Yosemite.
It looks just like it did 40 years ago!

We stopped at a little cafe and had a salad for lunch as well.

This morning it is still rainy out. I've been working..sigh..
Who knows what we will do today!


  1. Even if you can't do too much due to weather, you still are able to enjoy the area. Beautiful!

  2. Hope you get some good weather, the off season is the best time to visit.

  3. When we've had trouble getting signal sometimes just moving the dome around does the trick. But I forget if you have a roof satellite.

    Nice little town.

  4. I pulled my hair out one time with our portable sat dish in the middle of an open field, and couldn't get a signal.

    Later I found out my connecting cable from the dish to the DircTV box was bad. Put on a different cable and it worked. :c)