Thursday, May 23, 2013


Valley of the Rogue SP
Gold Hill, OR

Even though there was rain predicted..a little bit..
we decided to take a trip down to the lovely little town of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville was established in 1851 when gold was discovered quite by accident.
Of course, like other gold mining towns, it grew in size until the gold rush was over.
Now it is a sleepy little town of 2500 people.
It has a wonderful quality to it, with a lot of old buildings,
and some restored houses and churches.

George and I decided to take a trolley tour,
which for $5 each was a bargain!
The driver took a small group of us on a 50 minute tour of the town.

We walked around the town a bit afterwards,
and stopped at a little coffee shop for a latte..

..what great foam art!

When we got back to the campground, we decided to take a ride on our bikes.
There is a great paved trail called the Rogue River Greenway Trail.
It is connecting several towns along the Rogue River. 
Eventually it will span 50 miles of bike/walking trails!

It runs right along the river, and we saw some great things!

I was very excited to see my first bald eagle :-)

Very cool!
Of course there are always squirrels..

It was a terrific day..
and tomorrow I think we're going on a hike!


  1. Pretty town!! Love the Bald Eagle photos!!!

  2. Definitely a good day. Loved the eagle photos.

    Jacksonville looks like a pretty little town. Does every state have a Jacksonville? I know of a Jacksonville in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas.

  3. So awesome to see a bald eagle - great pictures!! :) We were in a picturesque town like that in PA - felt like I was in Mayberry.

  4. Very pretty little town. I love the pic of the bird poking his head out of the birdhouse. Too cute! Bald eagles are so regal!

  5. Little towns like that are my favorite. They are so pretty and lots of history too. Looks like you guys are staying very active!

  6. We love those bike trails, so much to see and so much fun to ride. Seeing that bald eagle was quite a bonus. :c)

  7. I love those paved bike paths too, going at your own pace and not worrying about traffic. Bald Eagles have an extra special place in my heart. I have seen many but my first one was 20 years ago only a couple of months after my father died. He was a larger than life bald-headed man so I think his spirit may have sent that eagle my way. :-)

  8. What a sweet town. Great idea to take the trolley tour. With such a nice bike path this looks like a great place to spend some time. Water nearby??

  9. We missed Jacksonville when we were there (guess I will have to go back), but did ride that trail and love it.