Monday, May 6, 2013

A new backyard

Park of the Sierras
SKP Park
Coarsegold, CA

George and I always try to depart by 10 am.
Today we had approximately 130 miles to drive,
and we left Morgan Hill at 10:45 after some hugs and goodbyes.

It was a pretty easy drive, up and over the mountains on Hwy 152,
to Hwy 99, then through all the pistachio orchards, grape vines, and other produce fields.

We found the SKP park easily, and we were guided by a member in a golf cart...
felt very familiar :-)
The roads through the park are very tight, but the gentleman guided us perfectly.

Our site is a terrific pull-through as well, with some beautiful flowers planted right outside our door.

We were greeted by the local cat, Tom-Tom..

After getting all settled in, we sat outside and enjoyed the warm sun,
and the white puffy clouds overhead.

We took a walk around some of the loops, 
and saw a few creatures..

Acorn Woodpecker

California Quail

Western Scrub Jay

Tonight we are sitting here listening to the rain, 
and watching a lightning show out the window.

Tomorrow we are going to explore Mariposa a bit.
Going to be a great week here!


  1. Nice to see you rolling again:o)) Enjoy your time in this pretty place...nice to see the nature!!!

  2. What a lovely site, the flowers add a lot. Looking forward to your week there. I've never seen an acorn woodpecker. Cool!

  3. Wow - that is a very pretty site! Love all the flowers! Glad you arrived safe and sound! Have fun

  4. What a beautiful site! Looks like a great place to spend some time. Enjoy!

  5. Glad to hear your wheels rolled okay after all that sitting. ;c)

    Have a blast enjoying your new surroundings!

  6. What a beautiful site. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay there.

  7. A great place to recover from all that workamping. Enjoy your recovery!!