Saturday, May 11, 2013

A little hiking, a little gambling

Park of the Sierras
SKP Park
Coarsegold, CA

Oh boy it's hotta than a firecracker!
It's 6 pm, and it is still 88 degrees out. AC is running and we pay electric here :-(

This morning when it was a bit cooler we drove up to the entrance to Yosemite National Park.
When you turn right at the entrance, it takes you to Mariposa Grove.

We parked, and took a hike up a couple of the trails.

I looked up the difference between a Sequoia and a Redwood..
'The giant sequoia is found growing singly or in groups scattered for a distance of 250 miles along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada in central California at elevations of 4,000 to 8,000 feet. The redwood grows near the Pacific Ocean along the northern California coast in a more or less continuous belt about 450 miles long and 15 miles wide.'

Their roots are very seen by this giant that had fallen many years ago..

The trees' bark is more reddish than the coastal redwood..

They are also bigger in volume (diameter), where the redwood trees are the tallest..

We saw the California Tunnel Tree, that was rumoured to be carved out to let
coaches go through back in 1895.

There was a lot of fire damage..

George was amazed at their size!

There were some odd fungus(?) growing too..

and then there was us :-)

After getting our exercise for the day,
on the way back to the RV park, we stopped at 

It is really beautiful, up in the Sierra foothills and less than a mile from the RV park.
We signed up for a Players card, and got 10% off their lunch buffet.
George watched me lose $40 to the slots..
but I had enough points on my card to earn a free t-shirt :-)

Tomorrow we are invited to the park's Mother's Day lunch..
should be a lot of fun!


  1. Thanks for the reminder of the difference between the redwood and the sequoia. Both are just magnificient trees. They sure make you two look tiny.

  2. That's quite an expensive t-shirt. I think you should have it bronzed... ;c)

    We missed the Redwoods and Sequoias on our trip thru California last year, we won't be making that mistake again!

  3. Even the fungus was beautiful!

    I have to agree with Paul and Marti, that was one pricey t-shirt but I'll bet you had fun getting it :)

  4. Wow to early in the year for weather like that. Thanks for telling us about the trees, we have so much to see yet.

  5. Boy, I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere nearby when that tree fell!

    Hope if cools off for you.

  6. we know where the warm weather is;o) Beautiful trees and SOOOOO Big!!!