Friday, May 10, 2013

A bit of a reunion

Park of the Sierras
SKP Park
Coarsegold, CA

We are really enjoying our time in 'Gold Country'.
Today turned into a nice, hot, pre-summer day,
but now the breeze is cooling things off with all the windows open.

This morning we were treated to a tour of this SKP park.
For those not knowing, there is a club of sorts called Escapees.
For a small annual membership fee, you belong with a great group of people,
with RV parks, a great place in Livingston, Texas with full time care,
and general support for the full-time lifestyle.

This park is a 'co-op' park, where RVrs can own the property,
and travel if they want, or not..
and when they are not here, their site can be rented out to people like us :-)

We got a great tour from Pat..

She showed us around all the reminds me more of a mobile home park than a campground.

She also took us out the 'back 40' where there is a walking trail..

we even had to cross a little creek..

good thing it's been dry..or we would have floated!

We also got a tour of the clubhouse, and all the activities they have everyday.
While we were there, we got a little gift from one of the resident woodcarvers..

which we now proudly display on our kitchen cabinet.

The highlight of our day was my reunion with a special friend, Barbara, in Mariposa.

When I was growing up in Bakersfield, we had neighbors across the street.
They were a young couple, who had a new baby.
At the time, I was about 10 years old, and Barbara needed someone to help her out
with her son, Kyle. She let me stay in the house and watch him while she was there,
and I learned to change his diaper, feed him, etc.
I actually got my childhood nickname of 'laurly' due to the fact that he could not pronounce 'Laurie'. :-)

My parents have kept in touch with Barbara over the years. They even went to Kyle's wedding,
and Barbara's surprise 60th birthday party.

It was sure nice to reminiscence, and catch up on her life and Kyle's.

Turns out she and her second husband were part time RVrs!

We hope to have her follow our travels, and maybe meet up again someday!


  1. What a great reunion! I'm sure that brought back many great memories.

  2. It sure is nice to reconnect with old friends.

    We are very happy with our SKPs membership, too. We've stayed at a number of the campgrounds and found great value and tons of nice people.

    Cute little hummingbird, what a thoughtful gift! :c)

  3. So nice that you could meet up with someone significant in your past. That's definitely a great thing about full timing. that little hummingbird is darling.

  4. How great to meet up with an old friend. That was a special visit.

    Beautiful woodcarving of the hummingbird!