Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time with family

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Been another busy week!

Sunday I drove down to Mom & Dad's to attend church with them.
The campground here changed our schedule around so much,
we've had to scramble to fit in our social time.
George worked the shift so I could visit and attend worship.

Monday through Tuesday was spent working the late afternoon/early evening shift.
Not much changes, but the night shift isn't as busy, so there is mostly patrolling the 
campground once an hour or so.
We had some cool people stay a few nights, and found them serenading
a couple from Canada. The Canadians are in a singing group as well,
and loved listening to a different countries music :-)

Today was the highlight of the week so far..
my son, Adam, and his girlfriend, Candee,
came up for a visit.

We gave them a tour of Harvey, and had a nice visit.

 Adam brought and grilled hamburgers, and I made guacamole.

We took a walk around the park for a bit, showing off our home :-)
I decided to show them some old pictures of Adam growing up,
I had them on CD's..they got a kick out of them.

Later this evening we grilled some chicken, potatoes & onions, and turkey sausage.

Adam threw together a salad for us..

It was a good dinner!
It was a nice night, so we wandered over to the hot tub..

We loved spending time with them!


  1. Looks like Adam toook over the cooking duties.

  2. It's great to be able to have family come and visit, especially when they like to cook! :-)

  3. Any day someone else offers to cook is a good day! For it to be your soon is just that much more special :)

  4. What a wonderful son, not only does he bring dinner, but he cooks it for you too! Can we borrow him? ;c)

  5. Time with the family is so special:o))

  6. So glad you got to spend time with your son. As moms we just need that kid fix once in awhile even when our kids are such kids anymore. :)

  7. I'm thinking you are really going to miss being able to see your family when you head back across the country. Sounds like you had some very nice times together. A son who can cook is an extra blessing.

  8. What a nice son you have to come cook for you! And that hot tub looks nice and relaxing.