Saturday, April 27, 2013

More socializing

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

One week to go!

Next week is our last week of workamping here at the resort.
We continue to finish up some doctor appointments,
and some socializing with family and friends.

Wednesday we were invited down to Adam & Candee's apartment,
where he grilled some steaks for us.

I took a couple pictures of their apartment, it's cute!
I failed to get any others. I guess we were having too much fun :-)

We've been spending some time with resort friends,
mostly by the pool, or in the hot tub.

Thursday, my Mom & Dad came up to visit.
We took them out to lunch to Sweet Tomatoes..
we hope to find that chain in other's good!

Today we are taking another drive down to Phil's Fish Market.
George & I are meeting up with the gentleman that is interested
in buying the water company I worked and still consult for.

Sunday I am going down to church with my parents..
and George will cover the shift as it is from 2-10 pm.
Wednesday is our last work day..
and Tuesday the resort is having a burger/dog/wine tasting..
and going-away bash :-)
Stay tuned for the last week's preparations..
then on to Yosemite!


  1. You're gonna' miss that hot tub. Hopefully there is another one in your future!

    You've been parked so long now, you better make sure to use your checklist...if you can find it. ;c)

  2. Yay Yosemite. Let the fun begin!

  3. Oh wow Yosemite! How did you get reservations?? I hear it is impossible and it's a place I really want to go and stay a long time. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Time is flying and you'll be rolling again. Can't wait to hear about your time in Yosemite!!

  5. We, too, hope to be on the road in a week. But we head north! You heading south?

  6. You'll be really itchy by the end of the week :) It will feel good to be on the road again.

  7. It is a good feeling getting the first job under your belt. I am sure you will be missed there.

  8. Almost time to scratch that hitch itch. Enjoy your last few days there.