Monday, April 8, 2013

Future Plans

Coyote Valley RV Park
Morgan Hill, CA

We are starting to get serious hitch-itch.
George and I are making some plans of places
we would still like to see in this area while we are still here.

Friday we are taking a trip up to Napa wine country with some friends here in the park.
I still have a few things to appointments, pedicures, haircut, etc.
We definitely will spend more time with Mom & Dad.
My son Adam, and his girlfriend, Candee are coming up in a week to spend the day.
Our other friends from Concord are coming down for a day as well.

Monday, May 6th we made reservations at Park of the Sierras.
It is our first SKP park! We are staying there a week and doing some major Yosemite time :-)

Our next stay will be in Loomis, CA, near Sacramento. 
A girlfriend I've had since Kindergarten lives in Antelope, 
and we'll get to spend some time with them.for a few days.

I haven't been to Mt Shasta since I was in high school, 
so that will be our next stop.
Friendly RV Park has decent rates, is at the 'foot of Mt. Shasta',
and got good reviews. We'll stay there for 3 days as well.

Finally we'll get into Oregon. I secured reservations at
Since we'll be staying there a week, we will be able to get
some hiking and hopefully use our Sea Eagle somewhere!

Our workamping job at the Cedar Creek Fish Hatchery
officially begins June 1st. Since they had no one to volunteer in May, 
we can go in a bit early to start, so we'll go there right after Valley of the Rogue.

We are getting excited to get going!


  1. Yes, those RV tires can develop flat spots when they sit too long. Ask me how I know that...

  2. Yep, it will be fun to get moving again!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails..........

  3. Sounds like good plans. We were mapping our route to our workamp job and are anxious to begin. We just aren't to sure we want to head north to soon.

  4. I can hear your excitement over your neat sounding plans. Travel safely.

  5. I'm anxious to come along with you.....sounds like some great places to see.

  6. Always so much fun planning what's next!

  7. You've got some nice plans up ahead, and with all the things coming up while you're still there the time will fly by!

  8. Sounds like you have lots of great places to see. We loved that part of the country and I think this was our favorite winter of travel. You will love Oregon.