Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another week gone by

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

I apologize in advance.
I haven't blogged every day,
or even every couple days.
Like Paul & Marti, there hasn't been a whole lot of things to 'blog' about.
I don't even have any pictures to share :-(

This week was filled with workamping,
and the never ending spreadsheets that I am working on.
My laptop is still being worked on, hopefully I'll get it next week.

Wednesday I had a 'mom and me' day!
We even had scheduled our mammograms for the same time :-)
Mom and I went to lunch, did a little shopping,
the topped it off with a soft serve cone at Burger King.
I ended the day with a pedicure.

Today George and I were off, so we took a ride up to San Jose.
We found a Kohl's where I bought a couple new pairs of shorts,
then we had a light lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.
We love that place! Salad bar lunch, with all kinds of different soups,
breads, and dessert, all for $15! Can't beat it :-)

Tomorrow we are heading up to Napa wine country with our friends Greg & Connie.
I promise to have more to share with pictures!


  1. Even though your week was pretty routine, the time spent with your mom was a nice treat. It's always fun to have a girls' day out.

  2. Sounds like a nice pleasant day to me. :-)

  3. Always nice to keep up with you no matter what you are up to.

  4. Funny how this blog thing works. If you have lots to blog about, you've been too busy to blog, but when you have nothing to blog about, you then have time to blog;o)) I am still working on our time in the Everglades in February;o(( Just good to hear that all is well.

  5. Sweet Tomatoes is one of our favorite restaurants and one of the few that we can eat now that we've gone vegan. Mom and me funny!

  6. One of these days we (I) would love to visit the California wine region. Len just doesn't know it yet.

  7. What an interesting "date" with your mom. At least you got a nice pedicure to top it all off. Might as well spoil yourself once and a while.

    Good luck on your wine country visit, just please try and leave some wine for others... ;c)

  8. A Mom and Me day is always very special. You really took it to another level with the mammograms :) Good for you!
    You daily bloggers just blow me away. I'm lucky I can get out one a week. If I had to do it daily, I'd have to throw in the towel :) Don't worry about how often, just enjoy the journey.