Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A tiny grain of sand..

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

I know it is already Tuesday, but we both hope everyone had a terrific Easter.
Easter has always been about kids hunting for eggs, celebrating the risen Savior,
and being with family.

Although we did not hunt for eggs, we got the do the other!
We had a nice breakfast/brunch at church before Easter service.
Afterwards we went to Mom & Dad's for a nice meal.

We had some great BBQ chicken, baked beans, deviled eggs, and yeast muffins.
It looked like spring outside..

Even the quail were happy to eat Easter bird seed :-)

Yesterday, however I wasn't too happy :-(
I started having abdominal pain, left side, in the afternoon.
It got progressively worse, leading into well... *upchucking* :-(

Once that started, it was off to the ER for me.
Now mind you, this was at 9 pm.
The pain was mild (a #3) to strong (#9) while I waited to be seen.

Once I was examined by the on call ER doc..
his emphatic prognosis was.."It sounds like a kidney stone to me!"
Huh? I've never had one, no one in family, hmmm.
They did give me some lovely Morphine and anti-nausea meds.

Then I did get a CT scan, which confirmed what he said.
1-2 mm small..like a tiny grain of sand was causing all that pain.
Oh, and it might be painful when it decided to come out :-(

When we got home at 3 am, after stopping at Walgreens for my scrips,
I had to take a pain pill to get through the night.

I woke up this morning, did my duty through the strainer..
and lo and behold..
I saw a tiny grain of sand!

I have been pain free all day, so hopefully this was a fluke.
I did some research and high calcium or vitamin D intake could be part of the cause.
I'll have to question the doctor here about that.

I don't want to ever go through that again!


  1. That sure sounds like a not so fun night! :( Reminds me of my appendicitis ordeal - glad at least that no surgery was involved for you!! Hope that this is now all in the rear view mirror and you stay pain free! :)

  2. Wow! Who would have thought that something that small could make you feel so awful. Hope that's the end of it and you have smooth sailing from now on.

  3. Ouch! Glad its better now and sure hope you don't have another one.

  4. wow glad you passed it so quickly they can be worst than childbirth...

  5. Feeling good that is over, eh? Sure hope that is the end of it and that you were back with George at the time.

  6. Oh goodness that sounds terrible. So glad it was only a day. I have known some people have months of pain and have to have the 'stone' blasted into pieces to get rid of it. Sure will be interested in what you find out about vit D and calcium. I take supplements of both. yikes!

  7. Not a good way to spend Easter:o(( But glad to hear it passed quickly!! One school of thought on what causes Kidney Stones is too much protein. Here is a link to an article by DR. John McDougall on the subject: http://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2004nl/040100puproteinoverload.htm

  8. I have heard that about animal protein, calcium supplements and vitamin D, too. They say if you take supplements to take them with meals..do you drink lots of water? There are several different kinds of stones, so that will have an effect on what you may need to do to prevent future occurrences..Good luck! Hope that never happens again. Made me think about my high consumption of red meat. I'm a prime candidate for one. And I hate to drink water!

  9. As if the pain and the ER visit wasn't bad enough, you got your picture taken while lying there to remember the event by...not that you'll ever forget it... ;c)

    Glad the tiny grain got flushed! (Phew!!!)

  10. Glad to hear it didn't last too long and you are feeling good now. I am interested in hearing about the calcium and vitamin D supplements.

  11. Ouch! Sorry you had to go through that. Thankfully it passed quickly, but it is still a very painful experience.

  12. Sure hope your feeling better and that you don't have to go through that again

  13. Holy cow! Something the size of a grain of sand caused that much pain??!! That's pretty scary. Knock on wood, we've never had one and hope we never do! Glad it passed so quickly and you're pain free again!

  14. First off, glad to hear you're already feeling better. Pretty amazing that something so small amounts to so much. I hope you continue to do better and feel 100% in the coming weeks. Get better soon!

    Also started following your site, hope you follow back my Coachella travel blog soon :)