Friday, March 1, 2013

Two months down

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Hard to believe we've been here 2 1/2 months already.
We still have 2 months to go, and I'm sure it will go too fast!
George and I are enjoying being with family,
working in great temps & sunshine,
and making some new friends.

Another typical week here at Coyote.
George's thumb/hand is doing much better, 
with little residual soreness left.

These days are the kind of days you don't mind having an outside job..

The full moon the other night was beautiful..rising up behind us..

George had an issue with the black tank earlier in the week.
We've noticed the last few weeks we are going more than 2 weeks before needing to dump.
This is not typical for us.
He checked into it, and found that the valve is not shutting all the way,
allowing liquid to drain out continually instead of staying in the tank. :-(
He back flushed, opening and closing the valve to see if he could
dislodge anything stuck to it, but nope.
Unfortunately, the valve isn't readily accessible, as Montanas have
them sealed up under the underbelly.
A call to our best friends at Camping World was in order.
They are coming out on Thursday to check it out.
Thank God for warranties :-)

Yesterday I drove down south, to meet up with Mom and get a pedicure.
My Dad brought out a chair and the 3 of us sat outside in the sun before we left for our appointment.

George & I are getting anxious to move on toward our next assignment,
the Cedar Creek fish hatchery, in Hebo, OR.
We start there in June, and will really enjoy a summer in Oregon :-)


  1. Oregon is a wonderful place to spend a summer, so much to see and do. One of the best kept secrets out there.

    I guess you'll be able to get plenty of fresh fish on your next job. ;c)

  2. Time flies when you are having fun! We'll get to Orgeon one of these days!

  3. Sometimes "matter" can get stuck in the grooves of the valve opening of a holding tank (especially a black tank), causing the gate valve to not close all the way. We had this happen. Hope it's a relatively easy fix like that for you!

  4. Wow, two months! It's nice to be enjoying what you are doing.

    Hope your tank issue is an easy fix. We have a small problem with one of our slide toppers that happened today - one end seems to have come loose. I am hoping both of our problems are easily solved!

  5. We have no problems because the Alfa is just sitting on her parking pad unused. :-(

  6. Sounds like you are liking your "Job" ;o)) Not a bad way to get to see this country!! Looking forward to your report from Oregon!

  7. Hope your "problem" isn't much of an issue. We are looking forward to seeing Oregon one of these days. Looking forward to your reports!

  8. You sure are doing a great job getting workamping positions just right for you. Oregon in the summer sounds great. The black tank issue not so much.

  9. I think I am having the same issue you described. We are not having shorts weather here!! It is COLD.

  10. I've read the following article about RV tank maintenance. It may help with your situation.
    It makes sense, although we haven't tried it.
    Sounds as if you're settling in the the FT lifestyle nicely.

  11. Oregon sounds like a great place to be in the summer.