Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slam, bam, done..

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

I finally got my root canal yesterday. Woohoo :-)

I can tell you they've come a long way in the procedure since my last one 30 years ago!
I have a crown on the offending tooth, due to a massive filling that was drilled out a few years back.
This endodontist was able to drill through the crown, do the root canal, and fill the crown back up.
It only took 1 1/2 hrs, but it still cost $1436, even without the new crown :-(
I'm just glad I can eat on that side again..

Since the dentist was in Salinas, I spent the day with my parents again.
Their church was having a traditional Seder dinner, which I had purchased a ticket for.
Yes, even a Lutheran church can celebrate the Seder!
George wasn't all that interested in going, and since I had to be down there all day anyway,
he chose to stay behind and work our half day shift.

My Mom still isn't feeling well, coughing a LOT, so she didn't go to the dinner,
so my Dad and I went by ourselves..and it was very nice!
I didn't take any pictures since I was participating in all the ritual.
We got a choice of lamb or chicken..and since lamb doesn't taste like chicken..
I opted for the chicken :-)
It was a great night!

Today is back to the grind of circling with the golf cart. We have another group coming in..
they're always a lot of fun.

George and I have been using the pool & hot tub a lot. It is always a great end to the day.

Next week I will be flying back to PA to help with due diligence for a possible sale of our company.
It will be nice to see the employees again..I hope it doesn't snow while I'm there!


  1. I always enjoyed going to the Seder meals at our Lutheran church in California, our church in Arizona has never offered them. Wow, $1400, I cringed when I paid $800 for my crown. Glad you feel better and safe and productive travels!

  2. Ouch! The picture gave me cold sweats! Glad it's over for you. Nice of you to make the payment on the dentist's new Porsche.

  3. I had my first (hopefully last) root canal about this time last year so I can relate. Hope PA is a nice visit but don't stay too long.

  4. Bet you are glad to have it behind you even if it was better than you thought. I had no idea the company would have to sell after you left. We knew you were important to them but wow!!

  5. Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet(ouch) and get er done.Hope the trip and weather goes good for you.

  6. There'$ more than one rea$on why people don't like to $ee the denti$t. Glad it's behind you now and your tooth is feeling better.

  7. The tooth picture gave me a tooth ache. Good luck on the trip back east.