Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh, bother

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

While I have been in one spot for a few months,
I figured it was a good time to get a few things taken care of.
You know..annual appointments and such.
I had a physical, some blood work, some poking & prodding.
Everything checked out fine except my vitamin D levels were low.
This surprised me as I not only eat lots of dark greens,
but take vitamin supplements as well as D itself.
I'm also in the sun a lot more now that I'm retired.
The doc gave me a prescription of 50,000 iu of D. Yikes!

I finally got an appointment with a dentist to check out my aching tooth.
Yup, root canal time. With no dental insurance. Another yikes :-(
She's sending me to an endodontist, as my canals have calcified.
Sounds like a nautical problem to me :-)
So tomorrow at 9:15 am PST I will be in the chair listening to dental sounds,
and the sounds of money going down the drain.

In between my haircut and pedicure, I took my mom out to lunch.
We went to a local pub called the Penny Farthing,
where my son Adam is a cook.

He was busy, so couldn't sit down with us..
but he and his girlfriend are coming up next Wednesday to 
spend the day with us..nice!


  1. I'll be think about you in the morning. But better to get the work done than to lose the tooth. i don't have a tooth in my mouth that hasn't been worked on or crowned, or bridged. But they are all still mine.

  2. Now say Penny Farthing fast 3x's ;-)
    Sorry about the tooth, hope all goes well.

  3. Best to get things taken care of before you hit the road again. Hope it all goes well!!

  4. The "Twilight" producers are always looking for cast members who don't mind working in the absence of sun light, you could be a good candidate! Judy and I heard that sound money makes as it fly out of bank accounts about 3 weeks ago when we were attending to our medical and dental needs also.

  5. Good luck with the tooth. Maybe you could go to Mexico for the cheap dental work.

    Your vitamin D deficiency made me curious as to the cause. I just read that vegetarians (like me) are more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D, because most Vitamin D comes from animal products, not produce. I did not know that. Of course, we get out in the sun a lot. I never have known my doctor to test for it. Thanks for sharing. I'll have the doctor check it next time.

  6. Sorry about the root canal and the Vitamin D deficiency. More so the root canal! Hope everything goes well with minimal discomfort and frustration.

  7. Ouch! Hope the root canal doesn't hurt any more than the ding to your wallet.

    Finding good dentists on the road is a challenge. We're hoping to do Mexican Dentists next winter for our annual checkups.

  8. We have found in three years of fulltiming there is always something unplanned that comes up to take the money. I've thought of posting our expenses for the last three years. Many people think this is a cheap way to live. For us it's cheaper, but far from cheap. For some it is. Everything is a trade off.

    You should be in the dental chair as I write. Hoping for no physical pain.

  9. Yuck on the root canal! Hope all goes well. :-)

  10. Really sorry about the root canal. By now it's all over with, and at least you don't have to worry about it anymore. Hope all went well.

  11. Oh no root canal. Hope to hear it was easy. :-))