Friday, March 15, 2013

Hurry up and wait

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

So I haven't had my root canal yet. 
I never thought I would be looking forward to one :-)
So I went to the endodontist on Wednesday,
who decided that I needed to be on antibiotics
for a week so that the infection inside my tooth clears up.
I will get my root canal on Wednesday, and in the meantime
I have to muddle through, being careful not to chew on that side,
drink too hot of liquids, or too cold.
Good way to lose weight :-)

We also decided that since we plan on
being on the east coast by the end of September,
it would be fun to attend our 3rd RV Dreams rally.
This one will be in North Carolina.
By that time we'll have 1 year of full timing under our belts,
and thought it would be nice to attend another rally.

In the meantime, we're enjoying the spring temps..
and finally enjoyed the heated pool and hot tub here at the resort..

Our friends Greg & Connie joined us..

Life is good!


  1. We have attended two of the rally's and had a lot of fun. Hope we can attend another one sometime.

  2. Hey!!! Great!!! We'll see you at the Rally!!!!

    Jim and Linda

  3. I'm sure you will have another great time! :) By October, we should already be several weeks into the Amazon job! You will have to post lots of updates and pictures. :)

  4. That picture of ya'll in the hot tub is wrong in so many ways. You have to rub it in for us folks that are hot tub-less... :c(

    Of course, there are not too many better ways to wait! :cD

  5. Good news about the rally. I'd love to go to another one. Not so good news about the root canal. Waiting is the worst part but a hot tub is sure a great place to do it. I could use a hot tub here right now it was 33 degrees last night in MID March. Are you SURE you want to spend a winter in Florida???

  6. Hope you get the tooth under control, root canals are not as bad as you'd think and that tooth will feel so much better when its done.

  7. Oh no! Was hoping that root canal would be history by now. Oh well -- as others have said, a hot tub is a good place to wait it out. A vase of Bloody Marys might also make the wait more enjoyable. :-)