Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun times

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Plodding right along here in sunny CA :-)
Both of us are getting ready to move on.
It has been nice to be here, spending time with family 
has been the best part, 
but we are both anxious to be out of an 'RV resort' setting.

We will miss some of  the 'regulars' in the park here.
Saturday night, one of the couples invited a few of us
into the great room to share in some appetizers and wine.

Sunday we visited my Mom & Dad, went to church,
and had lunch with them afterwards at the house.

Monday we both had a veg-out day, spending time getting a few computer things done.
Tuesday was grocery day, and we took a ride into Morgan Hill to explore a bit.
George & I have been wanting to go to a local brew-pub, and so we popped into
El Toro Brewing Company to have a beer.

George actually tried a beer called Ghost Chili Golden Ale. It was made with Ghost peppers,
one of the hottest chili peppers on the Scoville scale. He didn't think it was too hot :-)

Yesterday I drove down to Salinas to get an annual checkup with my Mom's doctor.
Everything is looking good, although Dr. Joanne thought my D levels were a bit low.
She prescribed a high dose of D, and changed my thyroid meds a bit.

Last night we went along with some of our new found friends to a great pizza place..Patxis 
We had the best pizza..arugula & it was heavenly :-)

As you can tell, there was a lot of laughing going on :-)

We got a call today from Ocala National Forest (well a workamper coordinator)..
wish us luck...they are doing some prescreening for some winter help!


  1. How well we know that there are a mixture of feelings when getting "back on the road" after spending quality time with friends and family. But as you know, the road calls.

    Wishing luck on whatever workamping position you have your heart on.

  2. Good Luck on Ocala National Forrest!! That is one of our favorite places. Salt Springs Recreation Area just fantastic!

  3. I don't think we are ready to go back to work yet...LOL We will just hang out for a while before work comes back into the picture.

  4. Looks like a lot of great times! Good luck on the position for next winter. :) Ocala is a bit south of where we are right now.

  5. Salt Springs is great. Juniper Springs beautiful. Both are north of the "warm all winter" zone. So is Blue Springs where we are now. But they all beat north of Florida by a mile. Good luck!!

  6. I just checked out Ocala National Forest's web page. Looks like it would be nice. Close enough to Gainesville and Ocala to find a good restaurant or two. Hope it works out for you.

  7. Nothing like a hot flavored beer to cool off! ;c)

  8. Keeping fingers crossed that the gig for Ocala National Forest works out....nice part of Florida!

  9. Yeah,that hitch itch starts to get to you as the day gets closer. Good Luck with the job.

  10. We certainly understand hitch itch. Good luck on the position at Ocala National Forest! That would be a great place to workamp!

  11. safe travels you two...good luck with the upcoming job....