Saturday, March 30, 2013

8 airports in 4 days

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

And you thought our first few months on the road was bad..

I had to fly to Pennsylvania on Tuesday to help out with some
things that I am consulting on at my (ex) job.
I left San Jose, CA at 7 am, and landed finally in Wilkes-Barre, PA at 9 pm.
Unless you fly out of San Francisco and land in Philadelphia,
it is impossible to get a direct flight.
I try as much as possible to NOT fly through Chicago..we always have issues there :-)

I had a great time in PA. It was nice to see all my employees,
and they were all jealous of my tan :-)
We had very productive meetings for the two full days at the plant.
I went to lunch and dinner with the 3 gentlemen on Wednesday..
and opted out of their 'boys club' 
to go to dinner with my step-daughter, Heather on Thursday night.

Friday I went into the office for a bit in the morning to wrap things up.
I took off and went by the house...still there :-)
The FEMA thing is still moving along..
I had to fly out of Wilkes-Barre at 12:30 yesterday afternoon.
The puddle jumper flew into some very rough skies..
which made a few rookie passengers sick :-(
I'm glad it was only a 45 minute flight!

I finally got home last night at 9 pm..and was glad to see George and my bed!

Tomorrow we are worshiping with my parents at Easter service,
and having a nice Easter dinner with them.

5 more weeks until we move on!


  1. Eight airports -- ugh!!! Aren't you glad that's over with? Good idea to opt out of boys club to have girls' night instead with your step-daughter. Nice picture of you two.

  2. LOL Yes that did sound like a fast forward version of your first couple of months. Glad you had a good time in PA. I am hoping that I still have my tan when we get to NY. We are going by way of South Dakota, so I'm not sure how much we will be wearing t-shirts and shorts in the next few weeks once we start heading north, if at all. haha

  3. Sounds like there weren't too many other US airports that you missed. Ugh. So much for the friendly skies, they can't compete with your own RV and your own bed.

    Welcome home weary traveler. Hope you don't have to repeat this any time soon.

  4. There really is no place like home...and your own bed. Traveling can be wonderful but there is something more wonderful about coming home :) Glad you make it safe and sound.

  5. I have not been in that many airports in the last eight years:)

  6. Boy, I bet you made a lot of people envious, just knowing you were going back to a warm place.

  7. Yuk - hope I never have to fly again. Hope you enjoy the Easter service with your parents.

  8. Just the title made me cringe. You are quite the trooper. Hope they must be comping you really well. Welcome home!

  9. Wow, lots of travel for sure, glad they were safe and productive. Happy Easter!

  10. Not quite the same type of traveling you have done since retiring for sure! I prefer non-flight travel...much more relaxing and I can see more LOL

  11. Whorl wind trip! Funny thing but we've had better luck with Chicago airport than Denver or Atlanta, though I know most would agree with you.