Saturday, February 23, 2013

California Soul

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

There's a commercial running here in the SF bay area..
it's for a car or such..
but in the background is a cover song of 
the Fifth Dimension's song 'California Soul'.
It brings back memories of living here in my teens,
and now I can't get the song out of my head :-)

Been a normal week here at the resort,
with the exception of an oops moment.

Tuesday was very stormy..high winds and lots of rain.
We stayed in and cleaned, did laundry, and made homemade meatballs.
There was a beautiful double rainbow..

Wednesday and Thursday were two of our longer work days, 8-4.
Nothing out of the ordinary, really.
George and I cover the hours together, or spell each other for a few hours
to eat lunch, or just to take a break.
I've been working on spreadsheets for 3 Springs, and that has been taking
up a lot of my time lately.

Friday my Mom & Dad brought a good friend of mine up with them,
so we could go out to lunch. George volunteered to work the shift
so that I could have some fun :-) 
All of us were escorted over to the golf course for their fabulous lunch.
It was great!
In the meantime, George had an 'oops' moment..
He was walking to his cart and tripped and fell face forward.
Thank God he put his hands out to catch his fall, 
but in the process jammed his right thumb a bit.
He ended up being looked at by the local urgent care,
and got a quick X-ray.
Nothing is broken, or sprained,
but since he has arthritis in his joints, including that one,
it knocked some arthritis spurs around a bit.
He's sore and a bit swollen there now, but feels good this morning.

I told him to relax and rest today!

Oh, and by the way..
I had to eliminate commenting on the blog via 'anonymous' posting.
Seems the spammers are out in full force lately.
Feel free to use our e-mail anytime :-)


  1. Oops on George's fall. Glad he is okay though!

  2. Ouch! Glad to hear the thumb wasn't broken, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Hope it heals quickly, can't see this slowing George down any! :c)

  3. Oh no George! Really glad nothing was broken. Take it easy today.

  4. Oh my! Glad George wasn't badly injured. We just can't let these men out of our sights can we? :)

  5. Love the rainbow photos. I know this is the rainy season! I've been keeping up with you from my phone mostly and commenting on it is a pain so I'm cruising my favorite blogs at the coffee shop today. I'll be glad when we finally get our our own mifi again. May be another month but thats ok.

  6. I know about that spam! I will have to find out how to do that myself

  7. Yeah, I had put the block on to, it was getting worse lately. Glad George's fall wasn't worse.

  8. Hope George is OK. I hate when that happens :) He'll probably be a little sore for a couples days but hope no long term problems. Hang in there George! Take care.

  9. OH George that's a bummer. But it did get you a relaxation day. Not sure it was worth it though.

    I wondered why I'd had a couple of spam free days. Guess they'll all be coming back to me. I'd like to eliminate anonymous but some of my commenters use Name/URl since they don't have facebook or blogger. Lucky you that yours don't. I'd love to get rid of those anonymous spammers.

  10. Wish George a speedy recover. Workamping can be dangerous work.

  11. I'm glad George didn't hurt himself any more than he did. Speedy recovery George. I get the spam too, mostly wanting me to look at their sites after some crazy writing about how wonderful my blog is. LOL. No anonymous comments on my site either.