Monday, February 11, 2013

Birds of a different kind

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

George and I have had the last few days off.
The temps have been lovely, nice and sunny.

Saturday I did laundry, while George did some tinkering outside.
Since the sun was warm, we took a walk around the park.
We noticed Sylvia & Dennis with the pressure washer
cleaning off one of the sites.

Looks to me like Sylvia was doing the washing,
and Dennis was supervising :-)

I took it easy in a lounge chair by the pool...

Sunday we drove down and went to church with my Mom & Dad,
then had a nice lunch at their house while we watched the end
of the AT&T golf match.

Today, our last day off, we decided to get some exercise.
We hopped on our bikes, and rode the bike trail a bit.

This time we rode a round trip of 6 miles.
3 miles into the trip, we came upon a airfield of sorts..

Model airplanes!

We sat and watched them fly for awhile.
They were making them do loop-de-loops,
barrel rolls, and smooth take offs & landings.
Pretty cool!

Bet it is an expensive hobby :-)


  1. My nephew does that and he spends 1000 of $ on them. More money than I have.

  2. Very cool planes. I'd be scared to death to crash one though, knowing how much they cost. Wonder if you can insure them like a car? :)

  3. I remember as a kid going to watch the "model planes" being flown at one of the parks in my home town. They were a lot smaller then ( large though)than today and were controlled through a wire between the operator and the plane, unlike todays wireless controls.

  4. I've watched those RC plane guys a few times. Makes me wonder how many crashes they have before they get that good.

    I tried one of those string controlled planes when I was a teen, got so dizzy going around in circles I crashed the plane. End of that adventure. :c(

  5. Ken got a small one for his birthday but has only had it out a time or two because of the wind. Tricky to control in the wind.

  6. We saw a guy in a park flying a rc quad helicopter. He even had it set up with a small camera and had goggles to veiw it. Pretty neat.