Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two days off

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

So this morning, I read that the east coast is 30 degrees warmer 
than normal, and the west coast is 30 degrees colder.
When I saw that it was 44 in Pennsylvania, and only 27 here this morning..
I thought, there is something wrong here!
Oh well, it is supposed to 'warm' up to the mid 60's this week.

Yesterday we took a ride to San Jose for a follow up at the Urgent Care.
I'm getting better with the antibiotics, so that's good.
I'm glad there are more and more of those types of places,
especially for full-time RVrs who do not have family doctors.

I was going to show George some of San Jose,
where I went to college at San Jose State University,
and a few other places...
the traffic at about 1 pm going north was stop and go.
Everyone was heading to Candlestick to watch the 49rs play :-)

We decided to go south instead!

We ended up in Gilroy. There is a Bed, Bath & Beyond there,
and we were looking for a new can opener, as ours bit the dust.
We poked around the store a bit, but since we don't need anything,
and don't want to spend money on something we don't need, 
we didn't buy anything else.

We wanted to grab a bite somewhere, so I typed 'Gilroy brew pub'
into my smartphone. One came right up, so when I looked for the directions..
I realized that what came up was a pub in Gilroy, Australia!
A little far :-)
Instead we went to

It was pretty empty, so we got good seats to watch
the Broncos / Ravens game.

The food was pretty good..

This morning we drove down to meet my parents,
and went to church with them.
Afterwards we came back to their house
and had a nice healthy salad for lunch.

The Falcons / Seahawks game was on, so we
watched that, then watched part of the
New England game before we came home.

I'm loving that the 49rs are in the playoffs.
I was living here in CA when they were under
Bill Walsh, and watched them win several Superbowls.

We start a 10 day workamping rotation now..
with mostly 5 hour days.
Weather is supposed to be lovely (when it finally warms up!)
so we're hoping to get on our bikes and get some exercise!


  1. Enjoy the warm sunshine, we are hoping for some here in Arizona this week.

  2. Enjoy your days off and hope you feel better soon. It was cold here too but glad its suppose to improve.

  3. hope your feeling better soon....I'm right there with you...altho we are not cold here..its been gorgeous

  4. Well darn, we would've liked to hear your review on that pub in Australia. ;-)

    That PA vs. CA weather is definitely not fair! Hope warmer temps are right around the corner for you.

  5. It sure does seem like the coasts have swapped weather. It's actually hot in Florida. 84 and holding. I wanted warm for winter but this is a bit much. Hope
    things get back to normal for you.

  6. I'm sure not complaining about the weather!! :) It is 42 degrees here this morning. But after today it is supposed to start heading back towards normal. We are thankful that we are getting out of here before the cold weather returns.

  7. We've had constant rain here in SW Louisiana. Strange, strange weather patterns I'd say.

    Yum on the food there.

  8. You had two days off so why didn't you hit that Australian pub?

    Hope all those Californians don't get mad at you for bringing all the cold weather with you. ;c)

  9. When I look at your picture I shiver! LOL