Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Save your bags!

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

We've had a couple days off..

Earlier in the week we had our typical
workamping duties.
It is not always glamorous..

Sometimes the days can be a bit mind-numbing,
but any day workamping is better than a day
working a full-time job :-)

Yesterday was our first day off in awhile.
We combined all our shopping stops into one day trip.
We bought groceries at Safeway,
some produce and bulk nuts at Whole Foods,
and to make George smile, we did stop at Home Depot :-)
One thing California (or this county at least) has instituted..
is no more plastic bags..so they charge you $.10/bag (the good ole paper kind) instead.
We will be saving our bags in the future!

Today, my Mom met me halfway, and we did a little shopping.
I bought a new pair of jeans and shirt at Kohl's, with a Christmas gift card..
took a look around at Costco for coffee, and ended up with new battery-powered candles..
and Mom treated me to lunch at Mimi's!

It was nice to spend the day by ourselves, a girl's day out!

Tomorrow George and I are back to our workamping routine,
and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow..but no rain...or snow!


  1. So there must not be any bag ladies wanderning around CA anymore, right?

    Nice to spend some time with your mom, great way to enjoy your day off!

  2. It's been years since I've been in a Safeway. But I really, really miss Costco. Sure wish they'd build more! It sure is a dangerous place to go on a budget though! :)

  3. Looks wet out there, make sure to bundle up and try to stay dry. Enjoy!

  4. Ummmm, Mimi's. Here in San Antonio a similar restaurant is La Madeleine.

    Talk about nickel and diming you...$0.10 per bag. Sheesh.

  5. We take cloth bags whenever we shop. They are stronger and hold more. They go back out to the car after we put away the groceries.

  6. Finding empty boxes on the shelves at Sam's Club (or in the bin near the cash register) is a way to avoid "no bags". Those cloth ones are nice though but I never think to take them.

  7. Our old store back in WI would credit you a nickel for each cloth bag you used. Just have to remember take them with you. Can't stand it when they put your milk in a bag.

  8. We keep cloth bags in the truck. When do we remember we have them? When we start bagging!

  9. I still do Costco, but go in with a list and get out of there fast, rarely buy anything there on impulse. Unlike the other Susan A. , I don't even get boxes, because I don't have any kitties at home to entertain and Angel doesn't play, just sleeps and snuggles.LOL

  10. We use cloth bags too and just keep them out in the car.

    Sounds like a fun day shopping and lunching with your mom!

  11. Rainy and cold, maybe you can be in FL. next winter where its 75' and sunny!