Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flip flop weather

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Finally, the days seem to be getting a bit warmer.
Even though there was frost this morning, the sun
came up and finally warmed up this part of the earth to
a nice 60 degrees. We'll take it :-)

Not a whole lot to blog about lately.
We're enjoying our job here at Coyote..
but it's not without drama :-)
Anytime you have permanent residents and
semi-permanent residents along
with workampers, and weekend warriors
all in the same park,
things get fun at times!

There is a guy, Tony, who has a mobile RV washing business,
and George has gotten to know him this past month.
George hands Tony's cards out when RV's check in,
and in exchange, Tony and his guys came and
washed Harvey today!

We gave them a bottle of wine for their trouble.

Since it was so nice today,
we hopped on our bikes and rode around the park a bit.

We saw our fellow workampers out on their afternoon shift..

oh...then there's this..

Apparently it is Vernon Davis's Prevost
(he's a 49er, in case you don't know).
His driver came and is storing it here until
he comes and picks it up again :-)
Geez, no one is even staying in it.
It's all about the money, baby!

More warm days on the horizon..
we hope to get some time to ride
the bike trail!


  1. Wow -- nice deal in getting Harvey all spiffed up!

  2. Love the barter system...Harvey looks great. We were at the Tampa RV show yesterday and got to sit in a Prevost;o)) Just a bit over the top for us!!!

  3. Nice! The place we are going to in Jacksonville allows washing of vehicles and rvs, and Harry is looking forward to getting ours all spiffed up.

    Glad its warming up for you - we hope to be enjoying the same pretty soon!

  4. Drama = fun? We need to talk. ;c)

    Nice to watch somebody else wash your rig once and a while. What a good deal!

  5. Such a nice deal George made with Tony! Harvey is looking good :)

  6. All about the money is right. What a riot that he rents a full hook up spot for it to sit in rather than "store" it. But then it is a Prevost. :-))